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Jul 4 @ 8:38am
In topic Make Wayward Compass a built-in feature
Originally posted by lPaladinl:
I can appreciate that there's an option to turn off the map for people who really want that, but doing it through the charms system I consider stupid.

One of the biggest improvements to the Metroid Series was the automated Map. Symphony of the Night as well was well known for it's map feature. Zero Mission and Fusion were notable for their improvements to the automap feature. Every Metroidvania Castlevania shipped with good map systems...

etc. etc. etc.

Originally posted by Syndiciate:

I just don't see what's so inaccessible about the compass costing a single charm notch. Especially when you can literally trade it out for something else before a boss fight.

This is what we call tedium. Tedium is not beneficial to anyone. While some people tolerate it more than others, it doesn't improve the game or gameplay, it doesn't improve the user experience, it only serves to waste the player's time.

Better question is why is it not in the Options Menu? Why can you not just toggle it on/off once for your playthrough and then never have to touch it again unless you WANT to?

If you want the map to be given to the player as a reward in the game, fine. But you can still do so without using the charms system and forcing the player to waste a charm AND have to hotswap if they feel like they really need that one slot back.

Zelda games for example give you maps as rewards in dungeons majority of the time. However you can still toggle off the minimap and then never look at the actual map if you don't want to.

This is exactly how I feel. It's not that I don't like exploring, or that I don't like challenge, but it feels more like needless frustration to me. It's fun to explore when I first look for the map, but once I already *have* the map, I don't understand why I have to spend a charm point to enable one of its features. Heck, I'd rather it be some sort of high cost addition from that lady that sells map markers and stuff. Make me earn it, but not have to shuffle badges around with it. Maybe even make it available after a boss? I'm sure there could be another way to toggle it on and off after. Heck, make it a zero cost badge?

Especially when I'm in the early game, I'd rather be able to use more badges against normal enemies as much as bosses, but not at the cost of navigation. I've tried looking at the shape of rooms, but it tends to be pretty inconsistent with what I actually see 90% of the time. rooms are very non-descript on the map. If you get a bunch of long corridors, they all look the same. If I have to earn the navigation, that'd be okay. It'd be something to look forward to. But I don't look forward to juggling badges around trying to balance what I need with something that should just be basic QOL. It kinda feels like fake difficulty.
Jul 1 @ 8:04pm
In topic Make Wayward Compass a built-in feature
Seriously, we shouldn't have to spend a valuable charm slot for something that should be built-in, and it shouldn't be as easy to get lost with a map as without.
Originally posted by No Yes:
Although many applications use the mouse wheel in this manner, it's not explicitly for scrolling up and down like a web page. The mouse wheel was put on a mouse to be used how software designers wanted.

I find that the current Aseprite zoom in/out feature and click mouse wheel drag is very intuitive and makes more sense than your suggestion. There is no need to use a 2nd hand by pressing Ctrl, Alt, Shift, etc.

If you were to make scroll wheel pan up and down, then you'd need a second hand to hold a key down for panning left and right. -- Additionally, you would not have a quick zoom in/out feature on the mouse for quick access.

The current setup is much speedier, it just takes a little getting use to if you've spent a lot of time in Photoshop. (Personally I despise a lot of the controls in PS, especially that mouse wheel doesn't zoom in and out by default.)

A happy middle ground would be if you could set your own controls, but overall I think Aseprite has some of the most intuitive controls of any art program.
Anything that involves clicking the mouse wheel in my opinion is extremely unwieldy, and basically the very opposite definition of "intuitive". It's too small of a button, far too easy to accidentally scroll instead, and holding it down is a pain because your finger might slip off because the wheel moved. So yes, there is a need to use a second hand if you don't have a mouse with extra buttons on it.

Regardless, I found out how to change it. I just missed the checkbox due to being in the wrong tab for setting up controls. Also, you can still zoom in and out using the scroll wheel and another key in combination, just like anything else. I use Alt+scroll wheel, that way I can quickly go from scrolling to zooming in and out. Also, it's not like my hand is doing anything else while I'm scrolling/zooming anyway. I much prefer modifier keys over trying to shove everything into a one-handed setup.
Originally posted by Cravat:
go to edit>keyboard shortcuts>mouse wheel and untick "zoom with scroll wheel"
This no longer seems to work.
May 25 @ 9:20am
In topic Bugs with Gaea and Teleport rune!
Not sure where or how to post the crash log but I can go into detail about how I encountered it! I'll see if I can attach a screenshot somehow too.

So I have a series of spells that chain together, one of them being a Gaea spell. I attached the Teleport rune to it. It already had a move rune, duplication, homing, and a few others on it. If there's no target, the attack disappears almost instantly, appearing for maybe a single frame. If the attack is aimed at something, however... it crashes the game. Only happens with Gaea. I have the exact same rune setup on every other element, other than it chaining into a different element.

Mar 30 @ 8:56pm
In topic Level Editor
Originally posted by Hempuli:
That's a good question! I'm not totally sure yet; it'd be really cool to allow sharing levels via the Workshop, but it might be technically difficult to implent + I kinda want to allow people to change some of the code as well, which maybe doesn't work super well with Workshop. We'll see!
I know this is an old thread, but is there still a level editor in the works?
Feb 22 @ 6:48pm
In topic Diagonal bucket fill toggle
Originally posted by dacap:
I've just take note about this one:
Great, thanks!
Feb 9 @ 2:23pm
In topic Diagonal bucket fill toggle
Interesting idea I thought of that a lot of programs actually don't have is to put a toggle on the bucket took that would let it fill along single-pixel diagonal lines instead of just stopping. That way I could easily change the color of an outline around a character sprite without having to click fill twenty times or retrace with a pencil.
Jan 9 @ 1:10pm
In topic Scale Reference Layers
Originally posted by dacap:
Actually you can move them and resize them but it's a little hidden: Use the move tool to do so (to resize a reference layer, go to the bottom-right corner with the move tool), you can transform multiple cels of the reference layer too:

There are plans to improve this in future versions:
Ah, thanks for letting me know! I'll try doing this and see how it works. Admittedly, it does sound clunky though.
Jan 1 @ 6:24pm
In topic Scale Reference Layers
One of the most inconventient features of reference layers is that you can't move them around freely. I frequently find myself needing to scale up or down a reference so I can get something to the exact size I want, but the inflexibility of reference layers in this program makes that impossible. Alternatively, I could bring something in as a normal layer, but then I lose resolution, rendering it almost useless.
Sep 23, 2018 @ 7:22am
In topic Muffet. I hate Muffet.
tfw a 2 year old thread somehow ends up in your notifications.
Aug 29, 2018 @ 3:20pm
In topic Crash on Amethyst's perfect whip attack
Originally posted by Finite Reflection:
I'm not seeing anything here, but it may be because you played again and the log was overwritten. If it does crash again, grab the log immediately after and let us know and we'll take a look again.
Is there a way you can program the game to keep multiple logs rather than overwriting the logs?
Aug 21, 2018 @ 2:17pm
In topic Crash on Amethyst's perfect whip attack
Sent. Also attaching a Pastebin link here to make sure you get it.
Aug 21, 2018 @ 12:58pm
In topic Crash on Amethyst's perfect whip attack
Originally posted by Finite Reflection:
Could you send along the output_log.txt to We haven't seen this issue come up so I'm curious what could be different about yours.

Where can I find it? Also, I redid the fight, managed to get a perfect again on her attack, and yet there was no crash this time, which is really confusing.
Aug 18, 2018 @ 3:31pm
In topic Crash on Amethyst's perfect whip attack
If I remember right, just the basic ones you find when you first meet Amethyst, if you select her as the gem you see from the lighthouse. I'm guessing basic blues and maybe even some reds?
Aug 18, 2018 @ 1:38pm
In topic Crash on Amethyst's perfect whip attack
I'm not really sure what other info to include. All I know is Amethyst got a perfect attack and the game immediately crashed.
Jul 22, 2018 @ 5:21pm
In topic Music mod request: Waterflame - Thumper
I was around for the original demo days, and the only thing I miss from those old days is the Thumper soundtrack. Sure, you have another Waterflame song now, but Thumper really worked and I wish it was still there as an option. If anyone could make a music mod using the old demo music, that would be fantastic!
Jul 22, 2018 @ 5:19pm
In topic Music: bring back Waterflame - Thumper theme
I was around for the original demo days, and the only thing I miss from those old days is the Thumper soundtrack. Sure, you have another Waterflame song now, but Thumper really worked and I wish it was still there as an option. Also posting this in the Mods as a suggestion in case someone there wants to tackle it instead.
Jun 12, 2018 @ 9:36pm
In topic She cheated on Ty?
Originally posted by honnjyx:
You should be reading more into Fluffy's dialouge. XD
Don't really need to read into it lmao, it's pretty blatant. Also, are Ty and Shazza actually dating? Not sure if that's actually been said in canon. I mean, it's likely, but considering that, unless Fluffy pulls some Star VS level lizard regeneration stuff in TY 4- er, 5, she literally DIED for him, and I'd ship that in a heartbeat.
May 16, 2018 @ 3:30pm
In topic Unlink cels by default?
Originally posted by dacap:
You can configure your layer as non-continuous for that (which is the default option). Check this:
None of my layers are continuous, but it still does this.
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