goblins FEAR this man
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heXe heRz Jul 14 @ 11:46am 
sry quicky top demo...
heXe heRz Jul 13 @ 10:59am 
Dear Shinka,

Unfortunately I cannot kiss you 24 hours before my whistling performance as kissing makes my lips mushy and I cannot be the whistling champion with mushy lips. I would love to kiss you otherwise.

Thank you for your kind understanding.
DY 37 Jul 6 @ 2:46am 
Sch match ugc 6s
Blizzardy Jul 4 @ 9:02am 
MONICO Jul 2 @ 5:57am 
Considering the depth of his physical deformity, egregious facial dimensions and arrogantly toxic demeanor - it is safe to conclude this anemic individual is the ideal recepient of triggered violence. If subject has/continues to adhere to this current trajectory of toxicality, then a rearrangement of his facial structure by irritated individuals is imminent.
heXe heRz Jun 30 @ 6:55am 
I must commend you on your choice of profile pics; they really advertise your biological prowess. Your voluptuous figure, along with your fair complexion, tells me that you are healthy, and therefore would make a great choice for a breeding partner. I must ask though, How would you rate your ability to climb trees? I ask because, in the off chance a ground predator were to loom the horizon we could both escape via the trees without me having to risk my life in an attempt to defend you from said predator. If my instincts are correct, then I believe a biological pairing between us may be a practical and mutually benefitting affair. Would you be available for some light discourse? That is very good to know, since I could not possibly fathom being with a girl who cannot climb trees. This is going splendid so far. How would you rate your abilities is combat?