RED Heavy (Mikhail)
im heavy weapons guy, and THIS...is my steam profile

i don't trade anymore. if you add me as a friend to only trade then i will unfriend you the second you place your offer either on chat or if you sent me one. also don't try to convince me to trade, that will make it worse on your case. if you really want an item that i have then buy it from the steam market or from a trading website like scrap.tf or stn.trade , since like i said, im not a trader.

if you add me to play with you in games like tf2 or gmod then please understand that im not always able to play because of college or because im not home atm(i will tell you when im not available in chat).

as of writing this, im recovering from a scam that happened to me months ago, so if you see me playing tf2, its most likely that it has something to do with my inventory or an item that i recently recovered.

once im fully or atleast mostly recovered, i will update the summary with information on what servers and maps you'll find me there.
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