Erik W   Albany, New York, United States
*Wrongfully Reported by Harpoon Gaming for scamming*

My Personal Quote:
"No one can take away your Hope,And hope isn't lost until you accept defeat"

Favorite Song:

Case: Cybertron Patriot
Processor: AMD A4-5300 APU with Radeon
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 960
Memory: 8 Gb
64bit Windows 10

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Fireballin88 Jun 28 @ 7:08pm 
Hi Vex just wanted to say hi so thats about it..... Hi:steamhappy:
Yoarashi Feb 27, 2017 @ 8:22am 
Thanks for the comment :D il remember that next time! If you want to see more images the other one , go on my profile and take a look at the artwork page. There is about 15 more images which might be worth your time :D