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hi im :_N_::_E_::_Z_::_Z_::_2_::_K_: LEGIT PROFILE :CheckZ:
I Dont Sell Unusual&Australium :MoGold:
If you add me say why :cozyfallout4:
Dont add me if u want have a friend witch high Level :sealdeal:
+REP :german:
Main Class in TF2 Soldier-Spy

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AGE IDK :cozywolfmedalion:
Male :cozyps2nc:
Name: C.02 JTAC :grwskull:

Coffe is my life :_Square_:

MOLON LABE :heavyarmor:

TeamFortress 2:balloonicorn:
Counter Strike :cozycsgoctwhite:
Paladins :tinyapple:
Verdun :french::empirecross:
Medieval total war 2 :brarrow::brknife:
OUTLAST :cwalker:
Men Of War Assault Squad 2 :colt::frag::mite::fuel:

Check :yazdsmile:

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PRIMAL GEAR [primal-gear.eu] Gear Up your Primal Istincs

5.11 [www.511tactical.com] Always Be Ready

Varvorite TF2 Unusual effects :

Neutron Star 🌌
Disco Beat Down ✨
Nebula 🔮

VAC BANS ❌✅ Last Accout


TEAM FORTRESS 2 :Speech_Love:

Administrator on Team Fortress 2 ACHIEVEMENT server 4FRAGGERS

If you're trying to scam me, that's a huge waste of your time to negociate or even adding me, because I know every type of scam and im making fun of each everyone of you usually, so please, stop this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and leave scamming because it's not worth it.

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Hlg Oct 25 @ 9:51am 
Hi, we are looking for tf2 Arena players, join our group
Katanchik33 Oct 22 @ 5:30am 
Lolincjusz Oct 22 @ 2:31am 
-rep salty ♥♥♥♥ player and trashtalker, quick reaction to a sniper but the worst spy I've ever seen XD get lost kido :WhiteWolfInterset:
NΞZZ2K Oct 22 @ 2:26am 
you dont have much skill you gay :)
Anonimowy[PL] Oct 21 @ 11:57am 
-rep plays with cheater and can't play sniper without sydney sliper
TheKiurK Oct 20 @ 2:21pm 
2K, now I thought that my mask would probably not be very frightening to a guy like you. Usually only these crazies, they can't stand it.

But remember what I taught you:

Always mind your surroundings,
your anger gives you great power, but if you let it, it will destroy you,
watch your back,
you must become more than just a man in the mind of your opponent.

-The Seal Spy :cleanseal: