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Hiiii what´s up? Am Pepz. How you doing? Good? Okay nice^^. Oh, you was thinking how am doing? Well good thinking there sir. Am good aswell, thx for "thinking" ^^ I have an IQ of 132 (Not that bad) IF YOU`RE ASKING ME. And now ya´ll thinking: Hey? did I ask for you´re IQ? Well, Technically yes, If you think about it. If you´re angry at me and say you stupid son of a bi*ch. Well, there we go haha. Sooner or later you will ^^ But am so kind so am telling you my IQ right now. So you don´t have to write the word "Stupid" on my profile. Well. Some of you will. I can´t stop it. But you know anyways. So, Whatcha gonna do bout it boiii? Nothin, Just nothin, ait. I can math. 2+2=4. Yea.... Whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when the smart Pepz counts. Smart Pepz smart Pepz. And that. My friends was, very nice indeed haha :) Well. too be honest. I don´t know how my IQ is 132. We all can be stupid sometimes can´t we, huh ? xD If you´re reading all of this. Good work. Now you know me a little bit :* Want some coffee or tea and just sit and talk ? Pretty nice. You see how much -reps a got? Nice view right? hehe. Well, if you´re going smart you bringing hate aswell. Well, sometimes. I can be mean or do some mistakes somtimes cuz were all human right? :))) Jeez so many "Well" words am writing. "Well" haha! I can´t write here 4 ever...... cya :** Much love from you´re man Pepzi ^_*
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Still here are we? You read all that text up on my profile? good cuz now you´re IQ´s gonna be a little bit higher and you´re life will be better.

Some tips for you so you can think about these tips so you can be a little bit happier.

: If you´re making a mistake, you will learn from them. That makes you special.

: If someone calling you stupid, don´t be mad, be cool. Or maybe you can put a smile on you´re face and write Why? and then he responding Cuz you´re fuckin stupid that´s why. You´re responding. Well then we both are stupid :* then don´t write more :)

: If you swear a lot you´re special and smart :) so just keep swearing kids haha. But don´t do it infront of you´re parents doe. Just sayin, Am serious.

: If you can controll you´re anger and keep calm that´s make you´re special aswell. Now. Am not saying that people with ADHD is not special. It can be good too let the anger out aswell. So people know that you don´t fuck around and you´re serious about that stuff you´re doing. You see, know that´s feels better right?

: If you´re skinny and kind and don´t have so much muscles. And the other person has muscles and are mean. Well, "Kindness" is what makes you stronger cuz. the more people who is on you´re side cuz ur a heeeelllll of a good person, makes you stronger. There will not be so many "Good" people who will follow the mean guy am a right? why? that´s not smart isn´t it ? If you have a high IQ you will just feel like: what the hell am a doin on he´s side.....eh look, "Chad" am sry. something like that. Or...... It can be smart too just be "Undercover" too ;) that you´re the good guy but you´re just acting evil.

: Listen too mozart for 15 min or longer if you´re like him. He´s a cool dude, and he can magic didn´t you know? Well let me tell you that if you´re hearing he´s music while study, you feel smarter and that´s were the magic kicks in. It will make you 15% smarter then usual. Fact! even if you´re walking down the street you´re feeling smarter. and you feel that you want to play or learn some intruments aswell. And that ladys and gentleman, makes you smarter too. If you can play an instrument. here is an link too "best of mozart" on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rb0UmrCXxVA&t=1515s Well, Now. Some of you will not click on this link cuz you thinking "It´s a virus"
And I understand that! Smart :) But it´s not. Don´t click it if you don´t feel too. Just write Mozart on youtube and it will popp up xD Just trying too help. Why have I spend 1 hour of my life just writing all this? hahaha my god :)

: Check you´re IQ. That makes you even more special if you know you´re IQ.

: Juggling is a heeellll of a good for you´re brain. I have been juggling in 1 year just cuz when I checked my IQ 1 year ago i had 110 and I felt good. But when I heard about juggling too and it looked pretty nice. I started. 1 year later (Now) I was like: Hey am gonna to check my IQ again. and the result was 132 I was like: what the hell? I had the "Very good" feeling. Now it wasn´t just juggling that makes you´re IQ getting higher.

: Eat fish. Nice stuff. Good for the brain :*

: Go outside, take a walk, Go too new places and just take a coffee or tea. That makes you a little bit smarter too. Cuz now you thinking. Man... I haven´t been to this place before. Now I have it in my memorie if I want too go here again. Or telling anyone else this place.

: Read books. That makes you smarter. Well too be honest I don´t read so much. So I can be smarter but I don´t like to read so much just a little well that´s "fine as wine" by me haha

: If you´re getting bullied, Ignore that shit and don´t kill yourself. Am serious. Don´t. That´s stupid right?
I have been bullied in 8 years. and am still here. Happy :) They just throw food on me and stuff like that. Well I wasn´t the "Nerd" but I was a lone wolf. I had friends but I didn´t have " real friends" you catching my words? Good. Well it´s all good now boii I have a lot of friends now. It was just in school that was hell. God, Don´t want to go to that place hell time again if you could travel back to the future haha.

: If you´re girl doesn´t respect you´re hobby or that "stuff" you like. Leave her. Well not that fast. But If she don´t changing too you´re side sometimes and she just want too be on her side all the time. That´s.... That´s just annyoing. Just leave her if she acting like that. god...'

: If you´re spelling wrong that´s okay. It´s just good, Cuz then you know that you´re spelling wrong so you can learn something. and learning is the right way too be more smarter. Jeez didn´t you know? or didn´t the person who was writing: you stupid fuck, spelling wrong and shit. stupid kid. Something like that haha But seriously, have some respect. They will learn don´t ya worry boii. Now maybe you guys just like: Hey this guy spelling wrong too. Well thx for searching for Mistakes for me. Love <33 :*

Well I have more but. I think you know already. you´re not that stupid. I just writed all this so you thinking like: ohh this person is thinking like me ohhhhhhhhh am feeling better now <3 Thx Pepz Thank you ! soooooooo that´s it! thx me later. If you have any questions just send me a comment :) If you want too talk too someone :* When you´re don´t feel good. Some +reps is kind of nice too have. I have some, but I got more -reps then +reps. That´s weird hehe. If you could hit me with an +rep then I will smile :) well I smile already but you catching my words (Understand me) .

Thanks for reading all this. Now. You´re IQ is higher then usual. Trust me. It
It is. have fun and take care of yourself. And don´t do anything stupid in
you´re life. Well you might do "some" but not much i hope hehe have a
great day!

Lool, stop with these lies man haha. I just killed u in dbd and ur mad. I understand ur feeling. Complaining about something else instead of telling the trues. I get it ;) it´s okay doe.
tasty_sandwich Apr 20 @ 6:23pm 
camper (dbd)
MITTAR Apr 16 @ 10:49am 
+rep nodding when you're at escape gate :steamsalty:
haha xDD That game made my day :*
Yukooo~ ≧◡≦ Apr 16 @ 10:15am 
Love youuu ! x'p
Yukooo~ ≧◡≦ Apr 16 @ 10:15am 
+rep good and funny killer on DBD :p <3