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16 hours ago
In topic Suggestions for improvements
You can probably mod that in pretty easy...

Or just re-fit the flagship as soon as you get medium hulls.

Giving the flagship some weapons would cause some major balance issues because you can take out early starbases and scouts.

You can also give transports weapons, just edit them, they're mostly empty for space.
Makes sense, thanks!
Hmm, ya that shouldn't be a problem, but who knows what kid of bugs that game still has left in it.

Demand is regional... so adding cities with a particular focus will affect demand in other cities, but increasing taxes should only affect the city you increased them in, the demand should be there for the other cities.

You're saying that the issue persists even if you start a completely new region?

What if you back up your region, delete it, then start a new one from scratch?

I bet there is someone out there that would know how to fix such a thing though. The game's data files are pretty easy to understand and mod.
Apr 5 @ 12:59pm
In topic STEAM page needs to be fixed
Seriously, that seems a pretty significant error there... though I only think the devs can fix it, if anybody knows how to contact them.
Apr 5 @ 12:58pm
In topic Bosses are REALLY hard.
They follow the old platformer formula of being very predictable, so with time it becomes pretty easy to know how to dodge each attack. The one I have the most trouble with is the invulnerable cube still... though my kids can beat it pretty easy. Most of the rest I can easily beat after lots of trial and error.
It has worked for me and everybody I play with, I suspect those cases where it doesn't is having router or firewall settings problems, which is why testing with something like Hamachi can tell you what the problem is.

Or trying things like turning off the firewalls briefly to see if it connects.

It would be nice if the Dev had more time to come back and troubleshoot though. He's always been good at responding to my tech support e-mails though.
Apr 1 @ 8:38pm
In topic I heard it's free multiplayer?
Curious, guess their plan to have two versions of the game didn't turn out to what they hoped it would be. Glad they let us keep the free version...
Mar 31 @ 11:58am
In topic I heard it's free multiplayer?
Wait, so they removed the separate free version of the game then?
The free version used to be a separate entry on steam, but it looks like they merged them together or something... the old news article about it is now pointing to this one instead.
It's been working in the last round we played, though it resets all the unit groups and movement settings.
Mar 25 @ 7:30pm
In topic How to get better ping on HK servers?
Ya, really the only way to do that is to move closer to HK...

But it is surprising how often people will start pouring into a US server if you join it and give it a bit.

I've been trying to collect props with a friend, but people just start jumping in as soon as we start.
That is what I guessed... but don't mind that at all, there are several single programmer companies that I'm a fan of, I hope this one works out for you. We really like playing rogue-like-like games with our kids and are making a collection of indie local co-op games to replace our old Wii.
Thanks, good to know, the game looks like it fits the genre's we like to play quite nicely, hopefully development goes well for you!
It just seems like something that would fit very well in such a game like this, but I understand that designing a scenario generator is a lot of work, especially for smaller studios.

So, I'm just asking if that is in the plan, or if it's going to be more specific scenarios like it has.
Mar 21 @ 7:36pm
In topic I keep having servers disappear.
Just to follow up on my end, an extra couple refreshes has worked so far.
Mar 21 @ 7:32pm
In topic Can this game be beaten?
Yes it is meant to be beaten. There's a normal big boss at the first ending...
But as you play you'll find there are several relics that drastically change the gameplay, and extends the game.

Each round varies quite a bit, mostly depending on the weapons and upgrades you get.
Mar 19 @ 3:14pm
In topic I keep having servers disappear.
Like we'll all go to join a server like US08, but for some people it won't be visible.

Right now my son is playing on the server, but it's not in the server list for me on a computer right next to him.
Is it a percent? So a 1 item is as fast as a witch, and a 0.5 item is 50% as fast?

Also, I've heard people say some items have a special faster speed, but their numbers are the same as the rest.
Mar 18 @ 9:23pm
In topic Patch 0.9.5 and Steam workshop
I didn't even see the edit mode button.
Mar 18 @ 4:57pm
In topic Patch 0.9.5 and Steam workshop
I'd suggest some of these props in the map editor need their center adjusted... like the stair cases, it's hard to get them flat on one spot unless you've got something placed at the same level over in the center of the staircase. If the center of the prop was right at the bottom of the staircase it would be easier to place.

Or make the prop position static in front of the witch rather than automatically moving to the nearest solid object so I can place the prop exactly.

Also, is there a way to rotate things sideways?
Alright, I'll mess with it a little more next time it happens, again, thanks!
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