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UGC season 26 Asia HL 9th place
UGC season 29 Asia 6s 6th place
UGC season 30 Asia 6s
AFC season 15 Div 3 6th place
AFC season 17 Div 3 2nd place
AFC season 18 Div 3 2nd place
Pure League season 2 Open 3rd place
Pure League season 3 Open 4th place

No longer playing tf2, Thanks for the memories:
Teh'o Terratakers Abusement park Brionac Love how you play<3
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Created by - Jeckychan杰吉娘
227 ratings
Step 1: Close Omori

Step 2: Uninstall Omori from your pc

Step 3: Go outside and touch some grass

Congratulations. Now you have kill depression and able to feel happiness again.
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168 hrs on record
last played on Aug 13
26 hrs on record
last played on Aug 13
4,488 hrs on record
last played on Aug 12
bg Aug 4 @ 11:12pm 
toxic is an eboy
Grom Jun 27 @ 7:40pm 
Oh god
Kiytty Toby Jun 27 @ 7:08pm 
uh huh it's what they all say when they start on vrc
Grom Jun 27 @ 5:36pm 
I swear I'm not an eboy
Kiytty Toby Jun 27 @ 4:13pm 
Dear god Toxic became a Vr person now from tf2
Bardred May 14 @ 9:08am 
signed by me :) Lets play csgo