The Legend   California, United States
Worst gamer you'll ever meet
Probably won't see me on alot but hey I try, no intention of ignoring I swear. :Lee::Lee:

♡ Appreciate those that are my friends.
The Mega Thot
Regular Player
Operator of TTT SuperCentral
Redfire1205#1922 of Blizzard
Hit me up if ya got the Wii U, 3ds, and Switch

Check them out at supercentral []
They have many game modes in gmod!

The name is Red, some already know my real name.
I mainly play gmod and overwatch.
If I'm not on, I'm playing on my Switch.

My Loves
The Legend of Zelda
The Walking Dead Game Telltale
Super Mario
Tokyo Ghoul

My fave lil emojis in Steam
Nasty Playez Jul 13 @ 1:06pm 
good also have fun red
RDM Jul 13 @ 12:53pm 
you got it bud
Nasty Playez Jul 12 @ 9:09pm 
Oof deploy the anti gay shield rda
RDM Jul 12 @ 7:27pm 
yea you have the biggest gay
Nasty Playez Jul 10 @ 3:25pm 
nice castle crashers theme also you mega gey
K。 Jun 9 @ 9:00pm 
oh yea merry dan unblock me nerd