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as i man who has over 2000 hours on this particalr game i can easly list the pros and the cons right here right now ive seen many changes i liked and many i disslike about the updates ive been around before update 1 even poped out and ive seen many,many changes so im here to list my opinion about the subject


-So many items its not even funny i mean over 1500 items and this was all made by one artist you imagine how long it took him?!?

-lots of unquite units to toy around with like example a troll mom who can summon litte baby units to fight for her!

-many MANY subquests just like from the items there is a lot of quests to go around i mean there nuts! 210 missions with some having crazy things in them like your team facing againist a giant flower!

-its just like pokemans with those fancy shiny tints and those color and shakey names but unlike pokemans its almost IMPOSSIBLE to get the exact same unit becuase there are over 1400 names and 21 units

-super duper good art that took dan pladin a long heck of a time

-lots of good slapstick goodness with the puns and such

oh boy here comes those CONS

-some items in the game are WAY to hard to hard to get a really good example of this has to be the perfect football item in which you must score perfect to get it

-the damm markets items it has is WAY to limited i mean god i wouldnt be so♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥about this fact if it wasnt for the fact i am mostly missing mushroom items which you CANT get from the market

-lasty and most importantly has to be those particular items that you can ONLY get buy purchasing them i mean i only purchas BBT just so i can get the items from it thats all aslo you need them for 100% (will change this if the devs change it)


-this is related to to topic but somehow i now run a discord about a cult about nothing but horatio

and thats it thats all my opinions about this game good and bad i hope this helps alot of people choosing to get this game or not!

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