Oliver B.   Indiana, United States
I do not accept random invites. I WILL block you if you seem suspicious. To talk, go to https://discord.gg/yNzAAbC
Check out my music at https://www.youtube.com/user/ob103ninja

EDM musician / Sound designer, with FL Studio and Audacity
3d modeller / intro designer / graphic designer, with Blender, SFM and G.I.M.P.
Learning video editor, with ZGameEditor Visualizer, Blender and Sony Vegas.
Game experimenter / developer, with Unity and GameMaker Studio.
Trade map builder with Hammer Editor, and owner of a trade server.
General programmer, with C#, JavaScript and HTML mainly in SublimeText.
And a heck-a-buncha other stuff.
I practically do everything.

Questions? Ask me on my Discord server posted above.

Wanna visit my trade server? Add the IP 'ob103.com' to your favorites.

If you call me oblivious instead of obvious I'll call my dad. You added the extra L and I yourself.

Hello there! Most people would immediately introduce themselves with their name, but of course that is as obvious as a name tag. I largely play Team Fortress 2, Scrap Mechanic, and Age of Empires II, out of the things in my library. Ever want to follow me around? Join my Discord, favorite my TF2 server, or subscribe to my YouTube channel! I'd appreciate it.
In case you're wondering, I am a christian, and proud to be. If you have questions relating to it, I don't mind :)

I submit my content to others to try and gain a stronger reputation, so if you have an idea for a song to be used somewhere, such as a remix or style idea, please, PLEASE let me know on my Discord.

YES I know the 3 should be a 5 in my username but I'm not fixing it. It's an extension of my old username, ob103ninja, which was a mouthful.

Trade offer link - https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=152834931&token=gFAfDj-2

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Top thirteen images taken just before disaster, tf2 edition
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Will accept item overpay, and will take requests for full color conscientious objector decals.

I also sell custom sound effects, intro/outro tunes and other things relating to audio and will accept items as payment. Usual genres are Complextro, Glitch Hop, and the like.

Please refrain from asking me to add you in my profile comment section. Doing so will just lead me to delete your comment and possibly block you. Any links or supposed offers placed there will also be seen as suspicious activity, and treated accordingly.

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1,872 hrs on record
last played on Feb 3
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last played on Dec 13, 2020
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last played on Nov 28, 2020
Cronomax Dec 16, 2020 @ 10:43am 
epic gamer with epic music
Kleiner approves
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+rep Calls out people who abuse the vote kick.
The peepee poopoo man Oct 24, 2020 @ 7:26pm 
i like tf2
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+rep very neat server
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+rep really cool and great player also nice hat
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ah yes comrade i never added u cuz gewp und ♥♥♥♥