Diamondjozu(friend chat broken)
diamond jozu   Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia
if you came to this profile from this guy
i will confirm that is my alt account just meant for csgo only.that user is not impersonating me at all.that is my real alt account.if you want to vverify,you can add both this and my alt account.thx

On 26/2/2018,someone decided to impersonate me


this is my first impersonator,i may get more in future.here's a screenshot in case if his name is changed: https://gyazo.com/fbdcf1c21d1d6e7de3935a2df6cc6efa

My CSGO is banned because of my elder brother using my account while i was in school and he was 3 months off.He got banned on his account so used on mine.The reason i didnt leave this account because i was an admin in a server on a game called 'Rust'.

I'm a tf2 player nowadays.i trade alot.please check my bp.im selling lots of items at all times

Trading rules with me:Just do normal trading.i am not interested on real money so if yoou intend to do that trade,i'd just decline since im not cashing out yet.Im selling some unusuals.some i go higher since its part of collection/not in rush selling it.

Scam rules:i baasically know almost all the scaams that you dicks can do.middleman,asking me to go first on a risky trade,etc.

Som trustable things you could deal with me:i sometimes do spycrab and if the bet is small,middleman wont be required.if its big,i need a middleman.

i can do brokering services but i wont force you if you dont want me to broker.

In a nutshell:Im just a normal trading player.i have no intention of scamming as i just wanna becoe one of those trustable people out there like ceejaey,Muselk,etc.if im ever kind,i'll give you some little gifts if my space is almost out or if its your b'day.I DONT DO GIIVEAWAYS.I play different gamemodes like MVM or deathrun

New Update:i have currently gotten an account that has CSGO so im gonna start back in CSGO mainly in trading to invest.i will suck at the game as its been years since i last played CS game.the other account is named Diamond jozu (S>skins).find it in my friends list.picture is the same but only the face of the character

my trade offer:

my backpack:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
saving that fur future purposes
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I still remebered you.thats why i always use the 'leave a nickname'
Hello,idk if you still remember me :3
well tbh i have no idea where you found me nor did i even state i was looking to buy unusuals so next time find someone who is buying unusuals.thx for your offer
SnipsDaGre8™ Aug 19 @ 8:05am 
U rather bet those keys
10 keys and its yours
SnipsDaGre8™ Aug 19 @ 8:01am 
20keys nthing great