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In topic Getting bored honestly
I think theres 2 problems with the Aspects.

First is how there's so many items in the game, many of them rare drops. So you dont get to craft most of them untill pretty late. What your listing as gamebreaking is pretty much some of what I imagined you could pull off with some combinations, heh.

Second is the gameplay is too level/stats centered. Its very easy to outlevel most monsters, after which they become super easy. If the balancing was better there'd be something to actually use those overpowered Aspect combinations on.

That said, personally I find the amount of items to be the games weakest part. Is there really a reason to have that many items in the game?
17 minutes ago
In topic When people say this is like "Tales..."
Originally posted by Cute Little Girl💕:
Also throw in the time limit to optimize your efficiency.

A time limitation is not an integral part of an Atelier game. You also left out 2 important aspects of an Atelier game: Main character is a cute girl, and lots of funny interactions between characters. In addition, when comparing, Atelier games also have little in the way of a main story, unlike this game which revolves around its main story.

ps: none of the 5 Atelier games I've played allowed you to skip combat entirely.
Many materials are dropped by monsters after all, and most games do require you to kill some boss a few times in the game.

Well, if nothing else a discussion like this just shows most people dont know how to compare things, as they also dont seem to understand the core parts of a game or series.

This game has very little in common with an Atelier game. Tales,(if comparing to Tales of Berseria) has more similarities. Even then, its just the combat.
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In topic Getting bored honestly
And which versions of those games did you play, exactly? As its amusing you dont list VII, VIII, or IX as examples. Again, youll have to show what you mean, because as I mentioned its not a cutscene if its a non-animated 2D.

That aside, it seems you forgot the other cutscenes that happen. Like the meeting in the forest for example. Or all the intermissions showing whats happening on the 'other side'.

And also, you might want to spoiler tag the examples you use or phrase them in a way that isnt spoilerific..

Sure there's not many of them, but thats pretty usual for jRPGs that arent AAA titles like FF games are.
14 hours ago
In topic Yep, 6/10, i learned my lesson
Originally posted by The Lion King:
Originally posted by Simon:
It is a low budget JRPG, what do you expect?
There are plenty of great low budget JRPGs out there

Yes, like this one.

And no, there are not many great indie jRPGs. Just because a company isnt AAA doesnt make a game they produce indie.

Originally posted by Cute Little Girl💕:
This a pretty typical modern jrpg. All the budget goes to voice actors.

Well, and the artists in this case. Otherwise, agree.
15 hours ago
In topic Getting bored honestly
I believe I did mention various forms of cutscenes. All of them are either animated or rendered in 3D. Otherwise it wouldnt be a cutscene. There's no such thing as a 2D animationless- cutscene...that would just be a set of stills not a scene. If its 2D, but animated...well I already included that. Altho more as a bonus to the discussion, since I'm assuming we were talking about fully animated cutscenes, not 2D animated ones.

So, yes they are ''exclusive'' to that. Which is a really weird way to put it, since that is the defination of a cutscene after all.

With such a weird way of trying to bypass its defination, you'd have to show what you mean with ''cutscenes'' like the one your talking about in FFV.

Originally posted by The Lion King:
Even FFVI had a cutscene during the Opera song part of the game.

This game has cutscenes as well. So....bad example? If one cutscene is good enough for you to say ''the game has cutscenes'' then you wouldnt feel Shining Resonance doesnt have enough cutscenes, right?

Originally posted by CabbageStabber:
Originally posted by Pipe:
Controller is usually best for 3rd person
what? a fiddly, unprecise camera, how is that good?

Better movement control. Plus, buttons closer together making it easier to combo actions if the game can do that sort of thing.

I once joked to a friend that the best way to play a game might well be a controller (movement) + mouse (camera accuracy), if we had 3 hands available for use. I guess some kind of stick+ mouse would be able to do that with just 2 hands used.

16 hours ago
In topic Is this selling poorly?
Originally posted by sovereign netizen:
let's be realistic here, there are still PS2 games that don't emulate well. the PS3 emulation is at like 5% if that. it runs some select games on top tier PC's and even those have big problems. I primarily game on PC, but I don't delude myself with stupid ♥♥♥♥ like this. a PS4 emulator is not happening for a decade atleast.

I remember someone playing FFX on a lan, on PC 15 years ago. It ran pretty badly then. But those things have gone a long way since. In fact the best way to play Persona games (with the undub) has been via emu for years..

Originally posted by sovereign netizen:
Originally posted by Mosh:
If it sold well then yes. Rip Yakuza. Say hello to season passes, costumes for majima and other microtransactions.
this never happens. the only thing that does go to ♥♥♥♥ once a game is ported to PC is the community, because of the massive influx of people that have terrible taste in videogames (I mean, look at the top games played on Steam right now).

As evident from all the console players that feel the need to wage war with players of different platforms, ''the community becoming worse'' isnt an actual risk.

Can you even call yourself a gamer if you care more about the platform then the actual games, or actualling playing them?

Originally posted by Mosh:
All multiplats are downgraded in gameplay & graphics. Enjoy. Don't forget the season pass & deluxe edition.

They are typically downgraded due to console limitations, meaning they are worse games as a result of also requiring to be playable on said consoles. On occassion someone like Sony will insist that features be downgraded so people still buy the Playstation versions tho..

That aside, what are you fishing for exactly? Whats the purpose to your trolling, aside from attracting people as bored as I am?
16 hours ago
In topic Getting bored honestly
So you've never played say, a Final Fantasy games before X then?

Fully animated (whether through the ingame engine, pre-rendered, or CGI) cutscenes have always been more of a western thing, and even then many western RPGs as well still used dialogue boxes instead.

In fact the 3D cutscenes in many jRPGs hasnt really become a thing since recent years (outside of FF games past X and the like)

Also, these days a lot more jRPGs are localized then used to be the case.

Originally posted by Leonmitchelli:
there not really it depends on whos making em IF is like that in almost all their games
Most 'anime-style' jRPGs are indeed heavyily vn like. 'course some people place the ''anime'' tag on basically any jRPG. For example Final Fantasy isnt an ''anime-style'' jRPG series.
On the other hand Persona is.

Why? Well, because its drawn Aka ''Japanese cartoonish'', as opposed to ''realistic''
17 hours ago
In topic Yep, 6/10, i learned my lesson
Is it really needed to make a new topic when your other one is only an hour old?

Originally posted by The Lion King:
Combat has it's issues too, like how most of the attacks are pretty much just charge attacks that use mp. Press a button and wait a long time until that character uses the attack. The attacks that are quick do crap damage and are mostly for getting away from the enemy.
Altho the combat is pretty simple, its worth noting that most of its ''oomphf'' is in the equipable Aspects and Tunes. For example theres a Tune for Kirika that decreases Force cast time, and an Aspect equipable by everyone that halves Force cast time.

There's also an Aspect that allows your Quick attacks to add Break.

I agree that attacks in general have too much charge time, but sometimes you can get around that. For example, you can combo some Force attacks.
If you were to do:

Quick attack - Break attack -> Quake Smash on Yuma, that will remove much of the charging time from the Break attack and Quake Smash, and moves it feel smoother and faster.

Originally posted by The Lion King:
Another big offender is how I can't stop my AI teammates from wasting mp by using spells that don't need to be used. i'd have to go out of my way and just remove all their force skills or else they'll keep using things like buffs or heals when everyone already has the buff or have most of their HP already.

They dont heal characters that are near max, unless you told them to 'focus on healing first'.
That aside, AI does kind of suck in this game. You'll have to choose if you want a character to be healing or using magic, and tailor their selected Force abilities in response.

Originally posted by The Lion King:
Monster Hunter World comes out in 2 weeks and a huge Marvel VR game coming out this Thursda so Imma rush thru the story and be done with this game for good. I'm not even gonna try Refrain mode because Excella and Jinas ain't that interesting. They're generic characters that I've seen in many other rpgs and other mediums.

18 hours ago
In topic Getting bored honestly
Then I'll assume you havent played that many, or avoided those that did?
18 hours ago
In topic Getting bored honestly
Well, many jRPGs also have strong Visual Novel elements, so...
Originally posted by ebenmes:
Oh, the first NVN. Never bothered to finish it, because it was boring. So can't confirm myself if the main plot was well written, but everything else that game does is uninteresting.
Haven't tried the expansions, maybe those were better than the main game.
Same with NVN2, but I'd be pretty sure it might be worth checking, since Obsidian are behind that one.

I agree that without good plot there's lower interest with the game (unless it's combat driven, but even those requires some basic fillars being properly made to not make player skipping it).

Never touched any TES, because these are not exactly my kind of rpg cup.

To be fair, the first NWN had the most interesting plot in its expansion type stories. Its main story wasnt as good. One of them had you going to one of the realms of hell for example. NWN 2 had lots of going to other realms, or exploring lore of forgotten civilisations. A bunch of the characters in either game were from a different realm, so that added some new and interesting perspective to the usual combinations of races or backgrounds.

Most games arent too varied with their characters or races these days, imo.
Originally posted by ebenmes:
Depends on what do You mean by fantasy. I'm kinda bored with medieval based settings in western RPGs while jRPGs could do more adult/mature stuff.

Medieval settings are typically considered ''low fantasy'' settings, which you should give you an idea what I mean with wanting more fantasy.
Essentially, more strange and mysterious lore, races, magic and what not. Moving more away from what regular life in the real world is like.

Most RPG settings arent all that different. You could swap elves or orcs for people and the nonexisting countries for real ones, and they would still feel very similar.

Strange and interesting things, wildly different from real life in ways surprising. And things that just look different with a ''fantastical touch'' added to them. That would be the fantasy I want to see more of in RPGs. At this point adding some Dragons and elves isnt much fantasy.

Originally posted by ebenmes:
Ah, I see. Knights of the Old Republic does that too, as well as Mass Effect.

Those are good examples of western rpgs that managed to add an interesting story to it.
Well, Mass Effect 3 went off the rails, and 2 was more of a ''extension'' of 1's story, but still.

That said, I'd still prefer a more fantasy story/setting/plot. Ofcourse I will enjoy a game if it still has decent gameplay or plot, and love a great story regardless.

Shining Resonance does give some more fantasy feel then most jRPGs. I think its because of the design of the areas and art. Out of all the games I played in the past couple of years I'd say it has the best designed areas in terms of ''panoramic views''. The raw quality isnt that high, but they still look amazing. And I dunno, ''more fantastical'' then you'd see in real life.

22 hours ago
In topic Why no PC demo?
Noone ever proved that demos greatly reduce sales.

The times a demo would reduce sales significantly is when the game in question is problem filled, bad, or they made a very poor demo.

On the other hand a half decent demo shows people the gameplay, and start of the story, making them more invested to continue the game.

There's a lot of games I'd have played sooner if I had played a demo of it first.
The only 2 cases where for me it would of hurt the sales games was with Pillars of Eternity and Hellblade, and both are bad games. (hell, the second one is barely a game at all)

Originally posted by 凹口凸口凹口凸:
I dont want to argue about this, because looks like you already know all answers and dont want to know actual state of things.

I wish Steam allowed signatures. That way I could put:

Consider reading your own posts, and your own advice for a change.
In it. It seems appropriate for most discussions.
22 hours ago
In topic How to play in full-screen?
Glad to read you kind of fixed your problem.
Problems with opening movies happens every now and then and missing codecs aside I still have no idea what causes them.
Jul 22 @ 3:13am
In topic Why no PC demo?
Originally posted by 凹口凸口凹口凸:
Unfortunately it was proven that demos greatly reduce sales, unless your game is exceptionally good.

That's pure non-sense. If anything, its the opposite: people are far more likely to buy if they are already invested in a game.
Jul 21 @ 6:16pm
In topic How to play in full-screen?
Hmm, it might be a video codec issue.

Try the advice given here, maybe it will work:

Jul 21 @ 4:35pm
In topic How does the Bond Talented work?
Not sure. I noticed that it didnt level up for me either, even tho the other bond did. It also never (noticably) activated during combat. But I only used it for a while. I guess if it doesnt activate as much for some reason that would explain.

I checked, and the bonds do activate seperate from regular resonance. So I was wrong about that. Each bond is its own resonance basically.

Based on the Maid bond (you get it by equiping the DLC maid costume the first time) activating all the time it seems like each bond has its own activation rate.

Jul 21 @ 4:29pm
In topic How to play in full-screen?
Likewise, fullscreen works for me (on both laptop and desktop). Not special settings enabled anywhere.

Are you using a second screen? I've read that sometimes causes problems with ported games.
Jul 21 @ 9:36am
In topic Favorite Ys game?
Originally posted by Omnislap:

Originally posted by Tiasmoon:
That just made the parts of the game you do solo all the better tho. Especially since its not Adol your soloing with for the most part.
The whole game is pretty awesome, the Dana parts and the party parts. I'm just saying, what happened to Ys being Adol's adventure? The previous games left the weight of the world on Adol's shoulders and it was up to you to make sure Adol got through it. Now he's got a whole party propping him up, fighting on equal footing with him. If he goes down, that's okay, you've got two more people who are just as strong as him. He just seems so much less epic now like imthecomgeek said... dammit Link!

I dunno, I didnt mind that part. Made the games feel more alive. I guess they could change it so most party members were ''non-combat''? That way they'd still be there for dialogue and scenes but not get in the way for combat so much.
Jul 21 @ 9:32am
In topic YS VIII lag

-plugging in the power cable (number 1 cause of lagging after reboot)
-Check nvidia control panel (or amd variant) if your laptop is using the dedicated graphics card.
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