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ݴwkward 7 jul om 5:32 
ur hella gay
Steph! 18 jun om 6:36 
/merry/ 7 jun om 0:49 
I think 💖you’re an amazing fucking human and I see so much potential in you man, I feel like you can do absolutely❤ anything you wa💜nt. You work hard towards everything and the only💝 thing that worries me is that gaming and people like me bring you down.🖤 You gotta know tha💛t I think the world of you and I am fuckinf oroud if you man. It’s like you’re a class of your own. Your smart and can read people wel💚l. I fucking want you t💖o live your life man, there’s so much to do and experience and I know💟 you’re gonna go💙 through so much of it
/merry/ 29 mei om 4:58 
no u :wnheart:
Ohnivor 12 mei om 17:18 
mimiroru92: you gotta press up to hit your head on the balls
Ohnivor 10 mei om 16:14