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A Consigliere from   Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzego, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Passionate Gamer, spiritual Listener, enthusiastic Creator, stone-faced Joke Killer (because memes and f@ggotry just won't cut it) :AOEKnight::sentry::wololo:

It's only rarely that I ever read the in-game chat of whatever it is I'm playing.
Not a whole lot of intelligible discussions out there for me to bother, you'll understand.
Chances are I am high on something anyway.


Feel free to add me if you are a console player or are about to get a console.
Just leave a message in the comment section as to why you're adding me.
Get on my good side and you can talk with me about anything you want.
However, I don't like adding people with a private profile. :emofdr:
I also make SFM posters for those who I deem worthy - for free.

Just because I don't talk to you, doesn't mean I've forgotten about you. :Miller:

"Luckmaster" Chillix
Chillix: man
Chillix: this pokemon which I want
Chillix: got a 1% encounter rate
Broly #1 Consorter: Name?
Chillix: Dhelmise
Broly #1 Consorter: High standards come with high repurcrepercussions.
Broly #1 Consorter: repercussions*
Broly #1 Consorter: Keyboard glitched out
Broly #1 Consorter: Btw that Pokemon weighs 210 kg.
Chillix: Well it's an achor
Chillix: *anchor
Chillix: I FOUND IT
Broly #1 Consorter: Keep in mind
Broly #1 Consorter: it's a ghost/grass-type.
Chillix: caught it right away
Chillix: I know
Broly #1 Consorter: Alright
Broly #1 Consorter: bro
Broly #1 Consorter: Tell me
Chillix: I threw a quick ball at it
Chillix: on the first turn
Chillix: and it got caught
Broly #1 Consorter: you still think I'm bullshitting you about you being a lucky son of a gun?
Chillix: Yes
Broly #1 Consorter: Lol you stubborn oaf
Chillix: :)
Broly #1 Consorter: I'm hunting a Pokemon with 1% spawn rate, catches it right away.

Chillix: i'm gonna replay Heartgold while waiting for some steam games to update
Broly #1 Consorter: The Pokemon game?
Chillix: Ye
Broly #1 Consorter: Awesome.
Chillix: I got a female Cyndaquil
Chillix: With Modest nature
Chillix: rare gender ratio + best nature for her?
Broly #1 Consorter: There goes the Luckmaster perk again.

"Mind-Thrall" Sbaartaner
Sbaartaner: You know...
Sbaartaner: That when I imagine you...or think about you during the day...don't get this shit wrong..
Sbaartaner: I just imagine you as your steam profile picture..
Broly #1 Consorter: No, I am so taking that one out of context.
Sbaartaner: this is why it sits on a little wooden chair right now.
Sbaartaner: In my head.
Sbaartaner: Behind it there is some smooth blue lightning.
Sbaartaner: And jazz music,
Sbaartaner: It fits so well.
Sbaartaner: Your thumbnail fits in my head.
Broly #1 Consorter: Boy
Broly #1 Consorter: There's a lot of stuff that fits in your head.
Sbaartaner: not literally....
Sbaartaner: xD
Sbaartaner: I was awaiting that oen.
Broly #1 Consorter: And I'm trying so hard right now, to not put this convo on my profile.
Broly #1 Consorter: Because it's diamonds.
Broly #1 Consorter: Not gold.
Broly #1 Consorter: Diamonds.
Sbaartaner: xD
Broly #1 Consorter:
Sbaartaner: Actually reading through all this shit...
Sbaartaner: It is ...
Sbaartaner: Add it.
Sbaartaner: xD
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