Ben_the_skeleton =)
it doesnt even matter.
This picture is NOT mine..... just thought i let you all know that before u ask... :)

Watch this video to stay determined its not a undertale video but it does have a good message within the video :sans:
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Ben_the_skeleton =) Mar 22 @ 4:19pm 
the one thing i enjoy besides from having fun .... is pissing off people who just play for the wins .... ik im a dick sometimes ( rest in piece my mercy for today )
Ben_the_skeleton =) Mar 20 @ 10:26pm 
... when you want to online play l4d2 on steam but you dont want to because you might get kicked by the randoms you are with ... :'-(
DuHsTy Feb 9 @ 9:49pm 
and the link was removed
DuHsTy Feb 9 @ 9:48pm 
I found the downlaond link for the ink sans fight.:sans:
Ben_the_skeleton =) Jan 5 @ 3:32pm 
i have seen it and i thought it was so cool i wanted to play it ... but i couldnt find it ;-;
DuHsTy Jan 5 @ 11:56am 
I found this and i thought you might find it cool.