Chris the Nerd
United States
No more tf2 trading, if you add solely for that reason, you will be ignored. I do not wish to cling onto the game and want to play other games as well. Other reasons are welcome.

I am a nerd that plays a lot of games, if you want my battletag for WoW and Heroes of the Storm then go ahead and ask.
Currently practicing speed running kh2fm Critical mode Data org speedrun at level 99.

Best place to reach me is on my Discord, which if I accept your friend request, will pop up on your discord page if your discord and steam are sync’d.
... Feb 9 @ 5:54pm 
hi i roleplay i am just a person on the internet and im lonely sorry if that sounds creepy i dont wanna be creepy but maybe we can be friends
big dumb nerd Feb 5 @ 1:45pm 
Five-O Feb 4 @ 1:48am 
From rp group? Vomment
Hex: Facecamp Jan 13 @ 5:28pm 
+rep ha nerd!
Nico Dec 22, 2018 @ 6:54pm