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Prologue to Battle!

Complete "Raditz's Attack."

The Saiyan Legend Reborn!

Complete "The Saiyan Threat."

Dawn of the Fierce Battle...

Complete "Ruckus on Planet Namek."

Frieza's Secret Weapon!

Complete "The Ginyu Force Strikes."

Awaken Warrior of Legend...

Complete "The Galactic Emperor."

Successor of the Strongest

Complete "Android Warfare."

The Spirit of Goku is Forever!

Complete "A Desperate Future."

Seize the Future!!

Complete "Decisive Battle with Majin Buu."

The Battle of Gods Concludes!

Complete "God of Destruction's Anger."

Despair Once More!

Complete "The Emperor's Return."

Goku's Dream is Super-Huge!

Watch the ending sequence.

Defiance in the Face of Despair!!

Complete "Unknown History."

Prepare to Die!

Pass the Easy Class test.

It Won't Be Enough to Kill Me!

Pass the Kai Class test.

Want to Be the Next God of Destruction?

Pass the Super Class test.

I Summon You Forth: Shenron!

Gathered 7 Dragon Balls and summoned Shenron!

I've Come for You!

Unlocked all characters and variations!

You Really Get Around!

Visited all stages!

How About a Little Warm-up?

Played Online Battles for the first time!

Victory is Mine!

Won online 7 times!

Of All My Fights You're My 2nd Strongest Foe

Won endless battle 7 times!

You're Not Worthy of Fighting Me!

Parallel Quest completion rate is over 50%!

You're the Second Foe to Push Me This Far!

Cleared all Parallel Quests!

If I Don't Do It, Who Will?

Complete 7 Expert Missions.

You Really Are a Hero!

Complete all Expert Missions.

The Most Powerful Majin is Born!

Cause a Majin to be born.

I Feel a Little...Different!

Cause a Majin to change.

You Wouldn't Want to Work for Me, Would You?

Join the Frieza Force.

I'll Make You Commander of the Frieza Force

Become Frieza's second-in-command.

Allow Me to Awaken This Power for You

Unlock an attribute boost.

Takkaraput Pop Porunga Pupiritt Paro!

Power up Shenron's wishes.

Shut Up and Put This on Your Right Ear!

Create a QQ Bang.

You're Number 1!

Get Vegeta to acknowledge your strength.

My Stomach Hurts!

Receive an SP Reward from Hercule.

The Righteous Must Flourish!

Become a student of the Great Saiyamen and defeat all the villains.

Over Here, Slowpoke...

Learn all possible Awoken Skills for each race from the large time rifts.

People of Earth, Please Lend Me Your Energy!

Collect half of all skills.

The Bad Guys Always Wear the Coolest Clothes

Collect half of all equipment.

You Can't Destroy What I Really Am!

Collect 50% of nicknames and view the nickname list.

We Better Use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber...

Complete all Challenge Quests.

Take Care of Your Mom for Me...

Free all allies who were put under mind control.

See You Later!

Successfully repel a Gigantic Ki Blast.

Tra La La La La La!

Complete 10 of Krillin's training sessions.

That Stone Might Be a Decoy! Let Me Check It

Complete 10 of Yamcha's training sessions.

Focus Hard - Not on a Place, But on a Person

Interact with Time Miniatures in all Bases.


Pay a visit to Kame House.

In a Rocket Built For One Person?

Ride a vehicle.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan

Reach level 80.

You're Like the Son I Never Had...

Complete all the instructors' lessons.

Bye Bye, Xenoverse

Obtained all achievements!

The Power of Super Saiyan Blue and Kaioken!

Reached level 99 and reported to Oshi.

This is the New Super Saiyan Blue!

Collected 70 different Hero Colosseum figures and reported to Oshi.

This Pain Will Make Me Stronger!

Complete Parallel Quests 113 to 117.

I am Only Following a God's Sense of Justice

Complete all of Zamasu's lessons.

I'll Take My Time With You. Watch Your Back.

Complete Parallel Quests 113 to 117 with a Z Rank.

It Was a Good Fight. I Have...No Regrets...

Finished all stories and Free Battles in the Hero Colosseum.

Everyone, Lend Me Your Power!

Learned a Dual Ultimate Attack from all instructors (excluding Hit, Bojack, and Zamasu).

And Vegito Blue!

Transformed into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.

How About This Color? Is it not Beautiful?

Complete Parallel Quests 118 to 122.

Revere Him! Praise Him!

Completed both timelines in the Extra Story.

I'm Only Gonna Get Stronger!

Acquired nickname: ∞