I do commissions
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If you want a comm done, make sure you leave a comment before adding me otherwise I'll just ignore it.

Normal Sketches (White background, rough base sketch) - 5$

Flat color art - 7$

Color + Shading - 10$

Full backgrounds + Special Effects - 20$
If money is not a form of payment available to you, TF2 items are also accepted.

Words spoken by people I found amusing.

7:09 PM - 「Tony」: (Tony THE TIGER)
7:10 PM - 「Tony」: (DID YOU REALISE)
7:10 PM - 「Tony」: (ITS)
7:10 PM - 「Tony」: (TONY)
7:10 PM - 「Tony」: (THE TIGER)

"Not only are you wrong, but you're also incorrect" - Br☹ken

4:01 PM - Brooooooooken: Im buying these.
4:01 PM - Brooooooooken: Somehow
4:01 PM - Brooooooooken: someway
4:01 PM - Brooooooooken: im getting these.
4:01 PM - fluffy: discontinued m8
4:02 PM - Brooooooooken: brb gonna suicide xDDDD
4:02 PM - fluffy: am I talking to the real broken

5:00 PM - Time Friend: (well, to be fair)
5:00 PM - Time Friend: (Its been a while since we played tf2)
5:01 PM - Time Friend: (if im honest)
5:01 PM - Time Friend: (I dont think valve should own TF2 anymore)
5:02 PM - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): (^)
5:02 PM - Time Friend: (This baby needs a new daddy)
5:02 PM - Time Friend: (every time it cries you arent suppose to beat it)
5:02 PM - Time Friend: (come on valve)

1:02 PM - Saint Pepsi: you're so fucking triggered right now
1:02 PM - Saint Pepsi: holy shit
1:02 PM - Br⨂ken: I just
1:03 PM - Br⨂ken: hope these people grow up to be good contributors of the fandom their in.
1:03 PM - Saint Pepsi: no
1:03 PM - Saint Pepsi: no it wont happen
1:03 PM - Saint Pepsi: no
1:03 PM - Br⨂ken: WELL
1:03 PM - Br⨂ken: FUCK
1:03 PM - Br⨂ken: I MEAN
1:03 PM - Br⨂ken: FUCK

12:32 AM - Earthbound: Requiem: (that nigger boy doesnt think so)
12:32 AM - Earthbound: Requiem: (dont take that out of context)
12:32 AM - Saint Pepsi: (okay keemstar)

Tæmmie: You are giving me seven types of cancer
Tæmmie: just by existing in the same server as me.
on fleek boi: but mostly prostate

solrac.1919 : anyone know how to spell shrek

The Useless Engineer : WHY DO WE HAVE 6 ENGINEERS

no touchie : no name, you are accused of hax, how do you plea

Goombah9s_dad : no integrity in hax anhd hides behind no name --- score says most of the evidence

*DEAD* StaryKrow ? : Its not like niggers are people

? : rip lord pheonix
? : born in fire, died on fire
Super Kami Guru : You've been rekt so hard go buy some skill with this donger bill.

Lord Pheonix : Go jerk off to horses fucking

Super Kami Guru : why r u lagging
Super Kami Guru : is it cuz u fuck horses

Pablo the Nipple Nobbler : go swim up your own ass

6:01 PM - 「fluffy」: (man)
6:01 PM - 「fluffy」: (you knwo what makes me sad)
6:01 PM - D ☹ N N E L: (when she calls you mommy)
6:01 PM - 「fluffy」: (Boy I fucking wish)
6:01 PM - 「fluffy」: (All the pretty girls in my school are either:)
6:01 PM - 「fluffy」: (Taken)
6:02 PM - 「fluffy」: (Lesbian)
6:02 PM - 「fluffy」: (or special)
6:02 PM - 「fluffy」: (Its like..)
6:02 PM - 「fluffy」: (Why)
6:02 PM - 「fluffy」: (Not one a yall niggas is lonely?)
6:02 PM - 「fluffy」: (really)
6:02 PM - 「fluffy」: (thats not the way highschool is supposed to be played)
6:02 PM - 「fluffy」: (You're cheating)
6:02 PM - 「fluffy」: (at least cheat with me)
6:02 PM - 「fluffy」: (HUNHUNH fuck)
6:03 PM - D ☹ N N E L: (I have my wife)
6:03 PM - D ☹ N N E L: (camilla)
6:03 PM - 「fluffy」: (you're a fucking weeaboo)
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EricB&Rakim-Dont Sweat the Technique

More shit people say

11:09 PM - pog champ: (Who cares about being damaged when you kill shit in one hit anyway)
11:09 PM - pog champ: (Leper.)
11:09 PM - Darkside Royalty: (>miss)
11:09 PM - pog champ: (except mine doesnt)
11:09 PM - Darkside Royalty: (IM SPEPIAL)
11:09 PM - Darkside Royalty: (ooooooooooOOOOOOOOOO)
11:10 PM - pog champ: (Im spepial - Brook 2018)
11:10 PM - pog champ: (thanks)
11:10 PM - pog champ: (im gonna write that one down)
11:10 PM - Darkside Royalty: (FuckOFF)
11:11 PM - pog champ: (oof your bones)
11:11 PM - Darkside Royalty: (HEY CUNT)
11:11 PM - Darkside Royalty: (aaaNYWAYS)
11:13 PM - pog champ: (Is this what being destroyed feels like)
11:13 PM - Darkside Royalty: I'm excited!
11:13 PM - pog champ: (No you're not)
11:13 PM - Darkside Royalty: (FUCKOFF)
11:13 PM - pog champ: (intothepot)
11:13 PM - Darkside Royalty: (PUT THIS ENERGY INTO RP)
11:13 PM - Darkside Royalty: (NOT)
11:13 PM - Darkside Royalty: (THIS)

5:43 PM - pog champ: when i say nigger you say faggot
5:43 PM - pog champ: ready
5:43 PM - pog champ: nigger
5:43 PM - Snarkmeister: faggot
5:43 PM - pog champ: i didnt say simon says
5:43 PM - pog champ: you lose
5:43 PM - pog champ: fucking loser
5:43 PM - Snarkmeister: IDIOT
5:43 PM - pog champ: get rekt
5:43 PM - Snarkmeister: IDIOT
5:44 PM - Snarkmeister: NO YOU'RE STUPID
5:44 PM - Snarkmeister: SHUT UP

9:44 AM - Agrias Oaks: I mean, I have a fucking...Oracle on my team. I think that's what I have her as right now.
9:44 AM - Agrias Oaks: She uses a pole and she hits just as hard as Ramza
9:44 AM - Agrias Oaks: she doesn't swing it, no.
9:44 AM - Agrias Oaks: She just kinda boops the enemy with it
9:45 AM - Agrias Oaks: Its like getting hit in the stomach with the end of a stick
9:45 AM - Broken: "Thou art bitch."
9:45 AM - Broken: >bop
9:45 AM - Agrias Oaks: >dies in vertigo

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Twitch.tv/dudsstudss Sep 13 @ 1:10pm 
ay jayjay uh I woud love to pay for a commision wanna add me back we used to be friends you even left me a comment on my page hella long ago lol
Joseph man9062 Sep 9 @ 3:41pm 
I want a commission done and I got the details for it. Also do these costs money because I'm♥♥♥♥♥♥poor right now. If it does just ignore this and ignore me.
JayJay Sep 6 @ 4:24pm 
Sounds like a plan, I can have this finished within a week or sooner depending on my schedule and when I'm ready, I shall present it to you.
Eon Sep 6 @ 3:00pm 
Hi, i would like to get a $20 commission of my Pyro loadout on blue team in the same style as the one you posted on reddit about 10 days ago. my loadout is an Australium Gold Cranial Carcharodon, Australium Gold North Polar Fleece, and Australium Gold Flashdance Footies. if its ok can the background be a cropped steam background so it can be put in a showcase. i can pay in keys.
goodo art
JayJay Aug 29 @ 6:08am 
@The Rapetor COC
That's fine, I can do that whenever you have the funds or items together and ready for payment. Just let me know when you have it all together and I can start working on your Demoman.