Left'over Chicken
rip jessie
stripers are the way to go !!
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/inventivepython
Gamertag gotham inferno
gamerscore: 120,000
350,0 hours past 2 weeks is my highest play time
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about time
chats with aBomberZ
Never tell your password to anyone.
aBomberZ: hi, do i know you from Planetside?
Left'over Chicken: i joined your clan as a recuit
aBomberZ: in planetside?
Left'over Chicken: yeah
aBomberZ: whats your name
aBomberZ: i get invites from stalkers
aBomberZ: im stil lahving problems wit hstalkers
aBomberZ: death threats to my phone now
Left'over Chicken: ahaa true gotham inferno9
aBomberZ: just trying to find out who you are
aBomberZ: you cant have a space in your name
Left'over Chicken: i think i got kicked from it tho
aBomberZ: how did you find my steam?
aBomberZ: kicked from PS2?
Left'over Chicken: qpl steam group
aBomberZ: are you saying you were a member
aBomberZ: and i kicked you
Left'over Chicken: yeah
aBomberZ: why come back?
aBomberZ: why today?
Left'over Chicken: idk
aBomberZ: theres a shitstorm on reddit last night
aBomberZ: i think youre a trol lfrom reddit
aBomberZ: whats ur name in PS2
Left'over Chicken: whats reddit
Left'over Chicken: ?
aBomberZ: let me ask, what idk?
Left'over Chicken: i dont know
aBomberZ: you dont knwo why youre back
aBomberZ: i know what it means
Left'over Chicken: gotham inferno9
aBomberZ: you cannot have a space in your name
aBomberZ: sigh
aBomberZ: are you still in qpL in PS2
Left'over Chicken: wopps
Left'over Chicken: was intill kicked
aBomberZ: why were you kicked
aBomberZ: you dont get kicked for nothing
Left'over Chicken: you tell me you kicked me
aBomberZ: trust me i want you in i just an verifying legitimacy
aBomberZ: what the absolute fuck is your planetside name?
aBomberZ: so i can chaeck it
aBomberZ: you are a troll arent you?
Left'over Chicken: gothaminferno9
aBomberZ: lemme check
Left'over Chicken: do you know Smudgeiyo54
aBomberZ: no
aBomberZ: no character with that name
aBomberZ: gothaminferno9
Left'over Chicken: dah fuck
Left'over Chicken: i was like a level 10
aBomberZ: youre a troll
aBomberZ: ur wasting my time
aBomberZ: ur from reddit
aBomberZ: just trying to piss me off
aBomberZ: its working
Left'over Chicken: how am i a troll
aBomberZ: youre not coming up on the qpL group in steam
Left'over Chicken: can i rejoi
aBomberZ: i asked you 5 times for your name
Left'over Chicken: rejoin
Left'over Chicken: can i just join the steam group
aBomberZ: your name does not come up on stats
Left'over Chicken: not the ingame one
aBomberZ: fro planetside 2
aBomberZ: its sunday nite ops in 2 minutes
aBomberZ: youre just a reddit troll trying to upset me
Left'over Chicken: i dont even know what reddit is
Left'over Chicken: wtf is that
aBomberZ: blocked
aBomberZ: permabanned
Left'over Chicken: harrd
Left'over Chicken: how old are you dude
Left'over Chicken: ?
Left'over Chicken: have a look at my wall

Smoutie May 15 @ 4:55am 
Cameron, if you're trash, don't reply to my comment
Azure Jan 22 @ 7:06am 
come back pls
Skipper81Ger Dec 30, 2018 @ 1:20pm 
2.5 jears now
Smudgeiyo54 May 18, 2018 @ 8:26am 
480 DAYS
Azure May 12, 2018 @ 12:42pm 
where he go ?
Smudgeiyo54 Apr 2, 2018 @ 7:44am 
Nah he's lost interest in playing games and steam.. so rip