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Posted: Sep 7, 2021 @ 12:01pm
Updated: Sep 20, 2022 @ 10:02pm

Early Access Review
After a lot of use of this app I think it cant be understated that this app is developed by artists for artists. This is something that is not common with alot of these apps and this really shows in the way they are developing it, and it cannot be understated how important this is. The brilliant team behind this is creating something truly amazing and in my view a world leader in VR sculpting. This is mesh based sculpting and not voxel based which some may find different to what they are used to. The simplicity and intuitiveness of this app is incredible.
This App has become a part of my work flow for making 3d prints now. Its kinda like a VR version of Z Brush. The alphas for the brushes is what i am finding very useful for texturing the surface of my models prior to 3D printing. I like getting the surface as bumpy and textured as possible as this helps immensely with the in real life painting, and natural shadowing, before Shapelab i was having to do alot of this by hand so this speeds up the work flow so much.
Thanks so much for an impressively polished product.

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