Faisal   Isle of Man
Do you know why turkish people are angry? Because they're not Greeks, they wannabes bahhaha

When in Doubt, Toss a Grenade

''Aelfwine, then, spoke out and valiantly declared: 'Let us call to mind those declarations we often uttered over mead, when from our seat we heroes in hall would put up pledges about tough fighting; now it can be proved who is brave. I am willing to make my lineage known to all, that I was from a substantial family in Mercia. My grandfather was called Ealhelm, a wise nobleman blessed with worldly wealth. The thanes among that people shall not reproach me for my wanting to get out of this army, to make my way home, now that my lord leader is lying hacked down in battle. To me that is the greatest grief: he was both my kinsman and my lord." Then he moved forward and turned his attention to revenge, so that with his spear he struck a seaman among the army so that he lay dead among the ground, destroyed by his weapon. Then he exhorted his comrades, his friends and companions, that they should advance.''
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