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First Month

Got through the first month of the semester.


Made it to Christmas. Did you get what you wanted this year?


You couldn't find or keep a romance alive until the end of the year...

Izumi Romance

Start dating Izumi.

Christmas with Izumi

Spend Christmas Eve with Izumi.

Kiyomi Romance

Start dating Kiyomi.

Christmas with Kiyomi

Spend Christmas Eve with Kiyomi.

Nanami Romance

Start dating Nanami.

Christmas with Nanami

Spend Christmas Eve with Nanami.

Atsuko Romance

Start dating Atsuko.

Christmas with Atsuko

Spend Christmas Eve with Atsuko.

Kiku Romance

Start dating Kiku.

Christmas with Kiku

Spend Christmas Eve with Kiku.

Shiori Romance

Start dating Shiori.

Christmas with Shiori

Spend Christmas Eve with Shiori.


Got caught two-timing or worse. At least one heart was broken...