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Personal Achievements

Brave Traveler

You arrived in Rome.

Noble Spirit

You are worthy of entering the Vestal Temple.

Great Explorer

You found the entrance to Vulcan's Prison.

Witchy Veins

You performed the summoning ritual.

Path Finder

You revealed a secret passage.

Savior of Capri

You stabilized the Island of Capri.

Master Blacksmith

You forged Jupiter’s Thunderbolt.

Wise Owl

Complete four Minigames without skipping any of them.

Witty Puzzler

Complete every Minigame without skipping any of them.

Quick Mind

Finish four Minigames in 60 seconds or less without skipping any of them.

Born Searcher

Finish a Hidden Object Puzzle in 90 seconds.

Swift Investigator

Finish three Hidden Object Puzzles in 45 seconds without using a Hint.

Master of Details

Finish two Hidden Object Puzzles with less than 10 mistakes.

Flawless Agent

Finish every Hidden Object Puzzle without using any Hints.

The Watcher

Find every collectible.

Morphing Master

Find every morphing object.

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