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Personal Achievements

Royal Mint

Awarded for amassing 500,000 guilders.

Lord Treasurer

Awarded for opening 100 treasure chests.

Royal Treasurer

Awarded for opening 200 treasure chests.

Tripple Threat

Awarded for having 50 trip doors remember you.

Make Your Best Offer

Awarded for giving the right gift to a higgledy stone.

No Stone Unturned

Awarded for satisfying every single higgledy stone.

A Bit on the Side

Awarded for completing your first side quest.


Awarded for completing 50 side quests.

Beside Yourself

Awarded for completing 100 side quests.

No Downside

Awarded for completing 150 side quests.

Errand Boy

Awarded for completing your first errand.

All About the Errands

Awarded for completing 50 errands.

Knight Errand

Awarded for completing 100 errands.

Soldier King

Awarded for defeating 1,000 enemies.

Warrior King

Awarded for defeating 2,000 enemies.

Ball Boy

Awarded for collecting a total of 2,000 balls.

Wakey Wakey

Awarded for being awakened by a golden ball.

Wide Awake

Awarded for being awakened 50 times.

Higgledy Gaggle!

Awarded for getting a set of matching higgledies!

Music Buff

Awarded for acquiring 30 songbooks.

Raw Recruiter

Awarded for recruiting your first new subject.

Recruiting Sergeant

Awarded for recruiting 50 new subjects.

Recruiting Consultant

Awarded for recruiting 100 new subjects.

Cooking Up a Treat

Awarded for cooking your first dish.

Cooking Up a Storm

Awarded for cooking 50 dishes.

Weapon Whizz

Awarded for creating 50 different types of weapon.

Armor Ace

Awarded for creating 50 different types of armor.

Master of Magic

Awarded for upgrading your spells 50 times.

Higgledy Hotshot

Awarded for cooking up 50 different higgledies.

Master Builder

Awarded for building 20 facilities in Evermore.

King of the Castle

Awarded for upgrading Evermore Castle to Level 4.


Awarded for increasing your influence to 70,000,000.

To Arms!

Awarded for winning your first skirmish.

God of War

Awarded for overcoming 50 skirmish challenges.

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