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First Step into Darkness

Complete the game on Casual difficulty.

Another Day on the Job

Complete the game on Survival difficulty.

Master of Horror

Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty.

Every Nook and Cranny

Collect every collectable in the game.

Master of Unlocking

Open up all the lockers in the save room.


Fully upgrade all of Sebastian's attributes.

My Best Friend

Completely upgrade one weapon.

The Power of Three

Completely upgrade three weapons.

Unstoppable Arsenal

Completely upgrade all weapons.

Why Can't I Hold All This Ammo?

Upgrade all options in the Stock menu.

Blow Up the Playing Field

Use a secret explosive weapon to kill 10 enemies. (Agony Bolt effects negate results)

Full House

Kill 5 enemies with each type of Agony Bolt.

Silent Kill

Kill 5 enemies in a row with a sneak kill without being discovered.

Burn, Baby, Burn!

Kill 5 enemies with a torch.

...And the Corpses Mount

Kill 30 enemies.

Krimson PD Fury

Kill 200 enemies.

One Man Army

Kill 400 enemies.

Ammo Conservationist

Kill 25 enemies with melee attacks.

Bloody Bar Brawl

Sneak Kill an enemy after hitting them with a bottle.

Drop It Like It's Hot

Kill 3 living enemies with one drop of a match.

The Quick and the Dead

Finish the game with a clear time of under 5:00:00

It Is What It Is

Finish the game without upgrading any skills with green gel.

You Asked For It

Finish the game on 悪夢(AKUMU) mode.

À la Corvo

Have they lost their minds? Better get past them without a fight. (Ch.2)

Knife Beats Chainsaw

His engine roars, but my knife is strong enough to take him out. (Ch.3)

Home is Where the Hospice is

That vision in the hospice... why here? Why now? (Ch. 4)

Not Part of the Job Description

The water's rising, but we'll get out of this without a scratch. (Ch. 5)

Everybody Gets One

Who wouldn't reach out for a man clinging for his life? (Ch. 6)

I Don't Have Time for This!

It won't stay dead! Better only fight when I have to. (Ch. 7)

Item Management

This cave echoes like crazy. Better put the gun away and keep quiet. (Ch. 8)

Bathed in Flames

Enough running! I'll burn her to the ground right here! (Ch. 10)

Not a Scratch on Her!

I'm not taking any chances, this bus can't take much more damage. (Ch. 12)

Entry Level Electrician

I should get this whole generator panel running just in case. (Ch. 14)

Prank Call

Lure an enemy with a phone call and lock them in a room. (Ch. 1)


Use a single trap to kill two or more enemies in The Assignment. (Ch. 2)

All You Need is Axe

Survive the duel without using any electronic devices in the environment. (Ch. 2)

Death Grip

Get a Cadaver to grab and kill a Haunted. (Ch. 2)

Doctor's Notes

Collect all Research Documents in The Assignment.

A Piece of My Past

Collect all Personnel Files in The Assignment.

A Warning

Complete the hidden letter in The Assignment.

Not Afraid of the Dark

Clear The Assignment in KURAYAMI Mode.

A Real Hero

Save Sebastian's life in the hotel. (Ch. 4)

There Will Not Be Blood

Get through the hotel without being spotted or killing any enemies. (Ch. 4)

Stick to the Script

Defeat Ruvik before the final showdown in The Consequence. (Ch. 4)

It's All Your Fault

Collect all Research Documents in The Consequence.

Becoming an Agent

Collect all Personnel Files in The Consequence.

This is Just the Beginning

Complete the hidden letter in The Consequence.

None More Dark

Clear The Consequence in KURAYAMI Mode.

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