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Posted: May 19, 2019 @ 1:47pm

Hours of Content - Two to four, depends on your skills.
Modding Support - None at all.
Sexual Content - Bikinis. . . ? Nothing really.

Do not buy this game unless you like "slider puzzles", and you're good at solving them. Either that, or be willing to learn. It starts off easy, with a few three-by-three puzzles without a time-limit. You can guess your way through them. Every puzzle or two introduces a new gimmick. Sometimes you'll have "fog" which obscures pieces, or they'll turn to stone (forcing you to click them until they "unfreeze"). There is one gimmick that "displaces" pieces, which causes two pieces to switch images, but not "places" in the completed puzzle.

In other words, "displacement" stages may require you complete the puzzle twice, as there's only a 50/50 chance you can trust a "displaced" piece.

The puzzles will go from three-by-threes to five-by-fives, and every four stages another gimmick (on top of "fog", "petrification" or "displacement") will be introduced. You'll have to solve puzzles with a time and "movement" limits. Remember what I said about "being" good or "getting good" at slider puzzles? You're going to need get-good fast when you have these limits (and gimmicks) overlapping. In some stages, you have to watch a puzzle get un-assembled, and put it back together EXACTLY how it was taken-apart.

Frankly, I cheated on the those stages. I uh, took some screenshots. My memory is awful.

The visuals are great. All of the puzzles are animated, and they are fun to look at and solve. The space theme seems out of place, but I suppose starry-skies and anime girls look nice together. When you complete a stage, you get an option to save the picture you completed. . . but only to your desktop, and you can't save the animated picture. This game has no "gallery", and if you want to a picture again, you'll have to replay the puzzle. Thankfully, there is a "stage-select" screen.

There is a story. . . but I didn't really pay much attention. The girls are "trapped" in space, and they are being held against their will by "beasts". You free them by solving the puzzles. . . that's my understanding of the story. Again, I didn't pay a whole lot of attention, but there isn't much more than a paragraph of lore total. I didn't buy this game expecting any kind of story.

Back on the topic of the "displacement" gimmick, sometimes it will glitch, making you unable to move the "displaced" piece. When that happens, you just have to reboot the mission. Nothing game-breaking, just a little annoying.

This was my first time doing "slider puzzles" and well, it was a tough ride. I definitely would NOT recommend this title unless you know a thing or two about these sorts of puzzles. I didn't, so it took me a long time to finish the game (about four hours). Given the price, I'd consider picking up this game. I think the price is spot-on given the amount of content, and when it goes on sale, it's not a bad deal. Paying a dollar for two to fours of content is a decent deal if you ask me.

As a note to the Dev's, I'd like to see a gallery, or the ability to save the (animated) pictures. Other than that, this game has been reasonably solid.
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