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Posted: Dec 31, 2021 @ 4:37pm
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Adult Content?
(F, FxF)
No. Woot! Woot!
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Two hours.
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From Novab12.

BlackberryNOVA is a yuri visual novel about Kotori’s first year in college and her quest for love.

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Unlike BlueberryNOVA, BlackberryNOVA is divided into “episodes”; the order in which they are completed and the decisions you make within them will result in one of five endings. There are a few straight-forward routes to accommodate the most obvious romantic routes, but the more interesting endings are unreasonably elusive.

Sexual Content
I love the artwork! They are a big improvement from BlueberryNOVA‘s sex-scenes, which appear a little amateurish in comparison. There’s better build-up in this game, and there’s bigger consequences. They still feel hamfisted when they happen, but at least the story doesn’t need to resort to rape to include them.

Sex in BlackberryNOVA is an emotional climax; there’s typically only one scene per playthrough, so booting BlackberryNOVA with a plan to fap is. . . optimistic.

I thought I was in for a sweet yuri (or lesbian porn), but instead I went to bed somewhat distressed. BlackberryNOVA reminds me why some people choose to close their hearts. Unlike its predecessor, BlackberryNOVA does an okay job handling complicated themes such as loneliness and growing pains. If BlueberryNOVA was a middle-school writing project, then BlackberryNOVA is high-school writing project. BlackberryNOVA tries to be more than it should be; without the “Hidden Berry” ending, BlackberryNOVA would be a short and bittersweet romance. Instead, I’m frustrated by an unexplained plot twist. As long as you don’t bother with “Hidden Berry”, BlackberryNOVA is an okay read on a sale.

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