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Posted: Dec 31, 2021 @ 4:43pm

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No. Woot! Woot!
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One hour.
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BlueberryNOVA is a yuri visual novel about Aika’s first year at school and two love interests.

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There is little “gameplay” to BlueberryNOVA (even by visual novel standards). Every once in a while, you will be given a choice between a two or more replies; your responses will determine how the game ends. If you’re interested learning everything about everyone, you’ll need to experiment with new playthroughs.

Sexual Content
BlueberryNOVA has a few sex-scenes, but I’m confident they’re only there for sales. They’re too infrequent, and the overall heavy themes of the story (such as suicide) don’t lend well to erotic content. On the brighter side, the artwork is pretty good! I enjoyed seeing the cast naked, but it’s worth mentioning most of the sexual content is non-consensual. This isn’t an issue for erotic games, but I’m skeptical the intended audience for BlueberryNOVA will be keen to glorified rape.

Sex in BlackberryNOVA is an emotional climax; there’s typically only one scene per playthrough, so booting BlackberryNOVA with a plan to fap is. . . optimistic.

I bought BlueberryNOVA to gain a better understanding of BlackberryNOVA‘s hidden ending. Not only was I left just as confused, I was disappointed by the writing. BlueberryNOVA is over as soon as it starts — if you don’t pursue each ending, there’s no chance you’ll recuperate your money’s worth. BlueberryNOVA tries to be an emotionally charged, dark romance, but it tries to be more than it should be. BlueberryNOVA downplays depression, suicide and heartbreak so much it’s almost insulting. This is a game you should pass, even if you’re coming from the sequel.

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