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Posted: Nov 29, 2021 @ 1:14am
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Adult Content?
(F) nudity.
No. Woot! Woot!
Hours of Gameplay
One hour.
Patch Available?
Not neccessary.

Club Naughty is a lewd clicker game about owning a strip club and building a “naughty empire”.

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Though the open-world gameplay suggests otherwise, Club Naughty is simply a glorified clicker-game. Each “upgrade”, whether they be new girls or cosmetics increase your “fame” and “money” production. Money is used to purchase upgrades, and fame is used to unlock new cosmetics (for purchase). All members of your club will have one or more “requests”; requests may be solved in one of two ways, providing bonus fame or income. Fame not only unlocks new purchases, it increases the likelihood of seeing “events” and “opportunities”. Events provide sizeable chunks of money, but you must first play a simple minigame; they all play the same, asking you to click on assorted objects before they reach the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately, the controls are rather unresponsive, rendering “events” too tedious to be worthwhile. Opportunities offer a chance to invest into fame or take home a very generous amount of money. Once you’ve unlocked all upgrades, you may purchase a new club and begin “your Naughty empire!”

Sexual Content
There is no sexual content whatsoever. Though "prostitutes" and a "VIP area" are mentioned, I couldn't find any women performing something other than an idle dance animation. Hilariously, they even dance in the unlockable "hot tub" (even though the water regularly covers their breathing holes!) The dances and models are robotic, and the way they slide about the floor put me under the impression Muryoku Studio had no intention of programming a decent game. A few of the girls are acceptable, but for the most part I found them to be really uncanny. Most of them look like cheap, latex sex-dolls (or in some cases, ghouls from Fallout).

Twenty five dollars? I thought I was playing a two-dollar meme! Suddenly, Club Naughty‘s “Mostly Negative” review score makes a lot of sense! I was surprised to see this game in my inbox. I figured if Ripknot Systems was even slightly familiar with my reviews (or standards), they wouldn’t have sent me a copy (but hey, bad publicity is still publicity isn’t it?) A few years ago, I may have been gentle. But years of ♥♥♥♥♥♥ games have jaded me, and I’m very unhappy with this game. I have wasted my night on trash, and precious read/write cycles on my hard drive. The Club Naughty looks more complicated than it actually is — In reality, the gameplay boils down to endless fetch-quests, text prompts and patiently waiting for random events. All of the “upgrades” are functionally the same. It doesn’t matter if you buy “beats” or drugs first, they’re all different words for the same thing. Though some “upgrades” offer cosmetic changes, the animations aren’t worth the effort. I searched for recent updates for the game under its respective “News Hub” and “Discussions” board. I found that no updates have been documented since 2017 — It’s clear that Ripknot Systems either gave up or never cared at all. Whatever excuse they have for the state of the game, I can safely say this software belongs in a dumpster fire.

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