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Posted: Nov 19, 2022 @ 11:56pm
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Adult Content?
No. Woot! Woot!
Hours of Gameplay
Three hours.
Patch Available?
Not applicable.

Magi Trials is a visual novel about an apprentice that must train for her next “Trial of Initiation” as a unexpected member of the opposite sex!

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As a visual novel, one should expect to read — alot.

Shaun (later known as “Sophie”) must make a handful of decisions throughout the game; with eight different endings to see, those choices play a hand in the events which unfold.

Sexual Content
I adore the artwork, and I especially love all of the care put into facial expressions. However, I couldn’t help but feel teased whenever someone got naked and nobody got [ducked].

Even though visual novels aren’t my thing, I had fun reading Magi Trials! It’s fun for a playthrough or two, but replaying the game isn’t very fun. I’d lose my patience if I pursued new endings without literally skipping most of the text. With only a few hours of reading and too many time skips, it’s not a game to get invested into either. But as long as you’re (A) not interested in adult content and (B) looking for a quick read, Magi Trials is an alright entry into the world of genderbending.

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