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Posted: Sep 15, 2021 @ 10:43pm
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Foot Massage is a game about woman who massages the feet of several clients.

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There’s never a shortage of clients in need of a foot rub! You may choose from a selection of poses and rub away by rocking the mouse back and forth. As you rub-a-dub your clients’ feet, you’ll accumulate “hearts”. It’s not necessary to move the mouse; you’ll progress as long as you click and hold the button. Once you collect three hearts, you’re free to move onto the next client. Once you satisfy all twelve clients from “Story” mode, you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom of “Free” mode!

Sexual Content
There is no nudity, but feet are heavily sexualized in this game. The main protagonist seems to derive joy from the smell and texture of sweaty feet and stockings. Smelly feet aren’t my thing, so I found her commentary a little off putting.

I need to stop accepting these Chinese shovelware. I refuse to play past the first level! Satisfying my first client made my finger sore from pressing the mouse for so long. The gameplay is mind-numbing; I’d rather be massaging somebody else’s sweaty feet than play this wretched game. At least the one of us would get something out of the experience. Foot Massage doesn’t offer enough interactivity or varied visual content to maintain your interest. It looks like “the role of a foot masseuse” isn’t for me.

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