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At a Glance
(Adult) Content
(F, FxF) Sexual content.
No. Woot! Woot!
Hours of Gameplay
One hour.
Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Hentai Hack-Her is a lewd shoot-’em-up/point-n’-clicker about hacking a woman’s webcam (because uh, she’s hot? It’s okay, she won’t know!)

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The bulk of the game is exploring a faux operating system — but the real meat of the gameplay is the shoot-’em-up minigame. As you navigate “GreatherOS”, you must download and toggle the appropriate applications in order to unlock the “Hack-Her” program. You may encounter “Greather Coin” (or “GC”) paywalls — Greather Coins are unlocked by destroying foes within the Hack-Her App. “Hack-Her” is a basic shoot-’em-up with increasing difficulty over time. The game starts off slow, with manageable enemies. It doesn’t take long for the screen to be transformed into a soup of deadly obstacles! When you die, it’s game over. You’ll have to try again from the beginning! Be on the look-out for “Hacks” — you can never have too many hacks! Hacks provide power-ups, such as multiple projectiles or increased “shields”. Each enemy you destroy is worth a certain number of “kilobytes”, which dictate the number of lewd CGs that’ll be unlocked from the in-App gallery. Once you’re finished with “Hack-Her”, it’s time to reap the rewards of Greather Coins!

Sexual Content
There are twelve unlockable CGs; seven of them are unlocked by accumulating “kilobytes” in Hack-Her; and the other five are unlocked by spending “Greather Coins” within select applications on GreatherOS (which are also accumulated via Hack-Her). A handful of the CGs are animated. Most of the animation is unremarkable (like blinking), but a few CGs are basically hentai. It’s great playing a game with “hentai” in the title with actual hentai in-game. I loved the artwork — it’s a big improvement from the first entry in the series. The herione’s ♥♥♥♥♥ is obscenely leaky (like, you could put a straw in it). Regardless of animation, each CG is voiced. I found the voice grating at first, but it grew onto me a bit. Most of the sexual content is basic nudity and masturbation, but there’s a hot lesbian scene!

If you enjoy laid-back shoot-’em-ups with point-n’-click elements, Hentai Hack-Her is worth a play. Otherwise, I don’t think you’ll enjoy this game. Hentai Hack-Her would benefit from a few content updates and accessibility features. I find GreatherOS to be a novel concept that separates Hentai Hack-Her from like-titles. GreatherGames did a good job crafting a virtual “operating system” that imitates the real thing — but it’s still a little lacking. It’d be great if it was less a barrier to the actual game (or the “Hack-Her” program) and more a companion. The shoot-’em-up gameplay isn’t bad, but it’s not a significant improvement over Sir’HaXXX. Barring the GreatherOS “gameplay”, Hentai Hack-Her feels like a reskin of the first game (but it looks and sounds better!) Both games require some skill to complete, but if you know what you’re doing you can unlock all of the lewd content super quickly. I like the way Hentai Hack-Her tries to break the mold, but I think it needs a little more work to marry each gameplay mechanic (and increase playtime!)

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