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At a Glance
(Adult) Content
(F, FxM) sexual content.
Mosaic'd genitalia.
Hours of Gameplay
Thirty minutes.
Modding Support?
Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Slime VS. Female Hero Party is a lewd clicker game about a slime that must rape four heroines to save monsters from extinction!

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Search for passwords and fend off rival hackers in real-time combat! The goal of the game is to unlock all the lewds by “decrypting” files. Decryption is executed via “exploits” or entering case-sensitive passwords. Networks are filled with encrypted data, from “codexes” to essential information (such as more passwords). Codexes typically hold phonographic material and clues for future decryption. All information is important — no how irrelevant, it’ll probably fit into a pass code later on. By crafting “exploits”, you may skip entering passwords. Unfortunately, “exploits” don’t always work — and materials are scarce. You may acquire the necessary materials for exploits from “exploration areas”. While exploring, you must avoid hostiles to avoid wasting time. At anytime during battle, you may distribute “co-processors” into your “attributes”. Each attribute, “kinetic”, “intel” and “Energy” regenerates based on the number co-processors assigned. At your disposal are a variety of attacks and healing skills, each of which relying on a different attribute. To smite your foes, you’ll need to carefully manager the co-processors at your disposal, and never let guard down!

Sexual Content
Supposedly, there are “350 CG images”. These images cover a wide variety of fetishes and monster girls. There’s a lot of ball licking, with a side of pegging and futas. Most of the artwork is sci-fi themed, complete with neon lights and techno mumbo-jumbo. Some of it is fantasy themed, written off as “legacy games” and “dolls that sculpt themselves”. The artwork is decent; I seldom saw clipping or visual errors. I thought the ♥♥♥ shots were a little hit or miss, but they’re a welcome addition to any gallery. Unfortunately, the artwork was too much a mishmash for my tastes. It’s kind of like somebody’s gallery was palmed into the game and poorly written off. If there’s any characters you like, you’re kind of out of luck. There are plenty of CGs to unlock, but they lack thematic and character consistency.

I find it difficult to recommend this game. CyberSex 2069 is all about entering cryptic passwords and “deciphering text” — that’s not a great premise for a game. Sometimes, the passwords were obvious enough for me to figure out on my own. For the most part, I found them to be way too cryptic — and unfortunately, they are critical for progression. This is the sort of game you must take extensive notes on (or spam your “screenshot” button). Ultimately, I pried apart the game files to extract the passwords (although in retrospect, I should have check for a guide). If passwords were automatically unlocked (or at least multiple choice), I wouldn’t have problem searching for “clues”. If the bulk of the game focused on exploration and combat, it might actually be fun. Speaking of combat, it’s slow and tedious. Once the novelty of real-time combat wore off, I found myself avoiding encounters. Combat simply isn’t fun. Enemies need to deal more damage, and so do you. As a comedic game, CyberSex 2069 fails (hard). I could tell LarsMidnatt really tried, but the “comedy” fell flat. You are told to “Only make exactly what you need, as needed”, “or it’s an unspoken GAME OVER.” The stupidity of this philosophy is confounding — allowing players to break their game isn’t a “feature”, it’s called “[bad] development”.

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Bollehopp Sep 23 @ 1:51am 
Ehm you wrote this review under the wrong game.
爱诗 Sep 15 @ 12:45am 
The screenshots are not mosaic'ed but the same pics in the game are?
Stefan8000 Jul 10 @ 2:06am 
Slime VS. Female Hero Party is a lewd clicker game about a slime that must rape four heroines to save monsters from extinction!

I think the sentence above is wrong in your review. It is the first sentence and is maybe a left over from a part of another review from you.

Btw., thank you for all the awesome reviews. It is always a pleasure to read them.