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Posted: Dec 20, 2020 @ 1:17am

Early Access Review
At a Glance
(Adult) Content
(FxF, FxM) Sexual content.
No. Woot! Woot!
Hours of Gameplay
Seven or eight hours.
Modding Support?
Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Hentai Femdom Sim: Femdom University is a lewd open world RPG about a new student that must coexist with a school of dominatrixes!

Create an avatar and enter a world of female domination! The goal of the game is to avoid getting killed as you maintain good grades and pay your rent. Huh, that kind of sounds like real life. Unlike real life, everyone that's not you is a lady, and they have a kink for dominating. . . you! Unfortunately, domination often has deadly consequences, so it's important to learn new skills (through study) and learn your place. It's not uncommon to be outnumbered, losing a fight means losing precious experience. It's important to maintain a good reputation, because connections are crucial to survival. Be sure to loot all trash bins -- empty bottles can be filled with fresh water or sold for rent. . . kind of like real life!

You're the newest addition to Femdom University. After selecting your avatar, your consciousness will be transferred in-game. You'll be subjected to the whims of the school. There is no death in the world of Femdom. If you're beaten, burned, shot or smothered to death, you'll just respawn -- it's a dream come true for the most hardcore bottom dwellers out there! Unfortunately, life isn't all panties and suffocation. You'll have to maintain your grades, and stay on top of your rent. That is, unless you want sleep on a soiled mattress and get raped every night. If school isn't your brew, you can always run away to fantasy-land; Bowsette, Earth Chan, and a suite of monster girls await your servitude!

I wasn't impressed by the titlescreen, but the user-interface is clearly laid-out. There are no user-preferences that can accessed from the main menu; however, you can adjust audio preferences from the in-game "Options" menu. I wasn't impressed by the in-game visuals. For starters, the player-character is the only character without a face -- I found the lack of features to be creepy. Though environments generally look okay, there seemed to be some discrepancy between assets (namely NPCs). It kind of felt like I was playing a high-budget asset-flip. The combination of school and fantasy props doesn't help this game's case -- that's exactly what you'd see in an asset-flip!

- The Goods -
How does a foot in your face sound? Or a pair of sweaty shoes between your teeth? If you're a fan of "femdom", or female domination, you're in good shape. During my brief playthrough of this game, my character was beaten, bound, raped and trampled; she was ridden like a pony, and forced to consume spit and a whole lot of toes. The sexual content is delivered via in-game animations. I am unsure exactly how many their are, but nudity and sexual intercourse is somewhat uncommon. To enjoy this game, you will need to have a wide repertoire of kinks and fetishes. . . I hope you really like physical abuse and feet!

Wait for some serious updates. It didn't take me long to get fed up with Hentai Femdom Sim: Femdom University. The gameplay is slow and lacking. Normally, I would forgive below-average graphics; but for a game that's practically a lewd walking simulator, the graphics are a major disservice. At twenty-five USD, I expect a very high quality game -- that is a price "AAA" adult-developers charge for their games. It'd be generous to call Hentai Femdom Sim a "D" game. I had a hard time continuing my game; I regularly needed to reboot the software, and the lack of an on-demand "save" feature is a major oversight on quality-of-life. For a game as expensive as this, that's unacceptable.

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DatWombat Dec 20, 2020 @ 9:55am 
[Part Two]

I think this game would have been benefited by a reduced scope. I'm sure if the entire game took place in the school, you'd have more time to work on the fine details. World building is cool and all, but when exploration is dull, your world falls apart.

I'm an artist. I could try to produce a comic book; it'd be within my skill, but if I were to produce it on my low-end rig I'd have to spend an awful long time. Without a crew or investing quite a bit of money into outsourced labor, it could take me months. I could try to produce it in a timely manner, but the quality would surely tank. However, if I instead settled for a gallery, I could realistically produce a quality product within the month; perhaps, that very product would give me the funding I need to outsource labor on my comic.

I tried to provide constructive feedback as I could. I hope to see this game develop, Steam has a distinct lack of "femdom" titles :)
DatWombat Dec 20, 2020 @ 9:55am 
[Part One]

I'm sure with some more hard work, this game could be pretty cool!

I understand the need to recoup costs. I can "barely afford" to live too, but I still consider the non-sale price to be "AAA" territory, and as such a solid "B" game to justify the costs.

It's not the subject that bothers me. On the contrary, BDSM and domination is a subject I am keen to. I found the game boring due a lack of variety, visuals, and general gameplay. A "simple rpg-maker game" often has stronger combat and dialogue, though they are unable to convey 3D worlds as well as Unity.

I hope you didn't take offense to my comparison; my goal was to point-out ways this game could take some advice from Skyrim. I understand Skyrim is the very definition of "AAA" budget, but regardless of budget studios can adapt strategies and gameplay from higher-budget releases.