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Posted: Nov 28, 2020 @ 12:38am
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Bubble Girl is a lewd “bubble game” where you shoot and match colored-bubbles to collect lewds!

Unscramble an image by swapping tiles around. It’s kind of like a jigsaw puzzle, but a bit easier: you don’t have to contend with irregular shapes. There are twenty puzzles total, starting with four pieces and ending with sixteen. If you can’t be bothered to solve any puzzles, there’s a “cheat” button at the top-right corner of the screen.

I’m not one for ASMR; I’ve never listened to ASMR, and I don’t understand the appeal. I imagine. . . ASMR is supposed to be relaxing, yes? I was more scared than relaxed as I listened to the “ASMR” Hentai ASMR has to offer. You know what I heard? Insects. Big, mean insects — cockroaches scuttling around me, with some bored woman sighing and breathing by my side. I heard grit and sandpaper — between the lady and abrasive sound, I felt as though I was going to be sliced open on some operating table. All I heard was stress. Well, until I heard the sound of marbles (or was it a pen against paper?) I could hear that all day! When the steel wool hit my ears, I had enough ASMR and muted the game.

The titlescreen is eh, but the user-interface is somewhat attractive. From “Sound” you may adjust audio preferences (including the dreadful ASMR track.) There is no gallery, but puzzles can be instantly solved using a “cheat” button. The CGs can’t be fullscreened (and if they could be, they wouldn’t fill a widescreen.)

- The Goods-
There are twenty static CGs total, featuring artwork from FlowersXL — I recognize that name from Deviant Art! There’s lots of thicc waifus to see, but their faces are cut-off (and there’s no nudity). If you like lingerie and swimsuits, there’s plenty to see! I wonder, will there be a nude patch released in the future?

Though Hentai ASMR is a functional game, I’m going to disrecommend it. The difficulty is laughable, and there isn’t nearly enough gameplay for the price. I get it — it’s a budget hentai game, but there’s cheaper hentai games with better content. The artwork is awesome, but where’s the faces? I know the artist, FlowersXL draws damn good faces. . . where’d they go? Honestly, I just recommend looking up FlowersXL and checking out their content. The “ASMR” wasn’t to my liking (though in the game’s defense, I don’t like ASMR in general.) If this game interests you, I’d wait for an update or two (or a good sale!)

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no bitches
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why do you have an hour of gametime on this
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Splendid review