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Posted: Dec 11, 2020 @ 1:09am

休闲游戏合集 is lewd connect-three and "marble game".

Talk about bang for your buck! There are tons, and I mean tons of sexual CGs (given the price tag). I mean, this game is basically two full games sold as one! The art is very high quality, though the animations aren't always polished. There is BDSM, tentacles and womanly fluids. . . what can you ask for? In the "marble game" you shoot colored balls at oncoming marbles to eliminate before they reach the "goal". The match-three game is honestly kind of slow, and it's not remarkable. . . but the lewds, not bad at all! In this game, the lewdies are interactive, and there are climaxes! Honestly, kind of impressed by what this game has to offer.

Full review upcoming.

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