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Posted: Nov 19, 2021 @ 9:03pm
Updated: Nov 20, 2021 @ 1:50am
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Adult Content?
(F, FxF, FxM) sexual content.
No. Woot! Woot!
Hours of Gameplay
Four hours.
Patch Available?
From Kagura Games.

Obscurite Magie: The City of Sin is a lewd, turn-based RPG about Louse's quest to retreive her father's dagger that leads her into a rabbithole of misogyny and debauchery.

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Though the vast majority of dialogue and sexual content is optional, the gameplay is but a fraction of content. To get the most out of Obscurite Magie: The City of Sin, it’s best to treat this game like a visual novel with RPG elements. There’s no incentive to preserve Louise’s innocence, and there’s no penalty for death. By starting a “casual” game, you may begin your journey with an over-leveled character to focus on the “story” and gloss over combat. Though I chose the more difficult “roleplay” mode, with a little grinding I plowed through every boss! The only character that was of any consequence was the last boss. She was the only enemy that forced me to do something other than spamming “attack” — I had to click defend three times!

Sexual Content
It doesn’t take long to see Louise raped; maybe fifteen-twenty minutes into the game, I came to a jellyfish! Sex-scenes are tied to optional dialogue (indicated by a heart icon), but most of them are reserved for combat. Instead of dealing damage, enemies will periodically tear Louise’s clothes. Once broken, she is exposed to sexual attacks and rendered unable to enter select establishments. Whenever Louise is raped, her “lewdness” will increase. How far her foes go depends on her overall lewdness: as it gets higher, cream pies and extended sex-scenes become the norm as Louise stops resisting! Boss fights typically have “defeat events” (but don’t have to lose to unlock them). If you’re not in the mood to fap, previously-viewed sex-scenes may be skipped.

Unless you plan on furiously fapping to the artwork, I can’t possibly recommend this game at full price! With only two or three hours of mediocre, unbalanced gameplay, Obscurite Magie: The City of Sin is only worth its weight in sexual imagery. Obscurite Magie: The City of Sin offers a solid gallery, but the gameplay mechanics leaves so much to be desired. Combat is so unbalanced and disinteresting, it might as well be removed from the game — I guess that’s why Syun-kan Flowlighter implemented not one, but two gameplay modes to help you skip it! You know you’re in for a treat when instead of improving gameplay, the developers help you skip it instead! If the artwork speaks to you, I think the gallery is worth unlocking on a (really really big) sale. I can safely say Obscurite Magie: The City of Sin is one of Kagura Games‘ weakest publications I’ve played so far — for twenty dollars, there’s a slew of other releases I’d rather buy from Kagura Games. I recommend buying games such as Ambrosia or Kozue’s Strange Journey. Not only are they cheaper than Obscurite Magie: The City of Sin, they provide substantially more gameplay!

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