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Early Access Review
(Adult) Content
(F) Sexual content.
No. Woot! Woot!
Hours of Gameplay
Thirty minutes.
Modding Support?
Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Hentai Girl Clicker is a lewd clicker game where you click on fruits to see ladies be naked and stuff.

Collect floating fruits and mash your mouse like there’s no tomorrow! The goal of the game is complete “waves” by capping the “pleasure” bar. There’s a never-ending steam of scrolling fruits on-screen. The faster (or shinier) they are, the more points they’re worth! Each wave consists of ten ladies (each with their own bar). You may also click on them to acquire points, but it’s hardly worth the effort. If you fail to cap any bars within the time limit, it’s game-over; your progress is reset, and you’ll need start the next wave from scratch. Each completed wave will unlock a new entry in the gallery, such as a new skin or pose (you don’t unlock content as its encountered.) As waves are completed, you’ll earn experience which can be used to buy upgrades (like increased pleasure-gains!)

Sexual Content
There are a variety of erotic animations, a few of which offering sexual content (namely masturbation). You’re able to “nudge” each animation, eliciting a small reaction from the subject. The models are a variety of premade characters (which I typically see in assorted, low-budget “memeware”). They’re actually not bad — I’m impressed! But unfortunately, you’re unable to zoom into them (just rotate them from the gallery). There’s twenty poses and forty girls (but not all of them feature masturbation or nudity). It’s a great selection, but the poses are maybe two-second loops with no progression. Contrary to the name, I don’t think Hentai Girl Clicker is intended to be an erotic title. The forest-y scenery doesn’t make a lot of sense (but hey, getting off and getting outside go hand-in-hand!)

There’s no story. Pleasure Games writes,

Are you looking for a fun and relaxing game to kill some time? That’s a crazy coincidence, because it’s been looking for you! Start out by clicking on the girl to increase her level of pleasure, earn XP and spend it to upgrade your lover characteristics. Feel the power as you grow exponentially and became a God of Love!

It’s not a story because it’s [fekkin] real. Do you want to play a real man’s game? If you want to become (I’m sorry, “became [sic]”) a “God of Love”, you should take your hands (both) off your testes ‘cus this game has been looking for you.

The titlescreen looked terrible. It’s not poorly formatted, it’s just boring. The rest of the game features naked ladies and beautiful scenery, why does it have to be plain pink screen? Anyways, you may adjust audio preferences from “Settings”. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to adjust display or graphical preferences — these would be worthwhile updates to increase accessibility. A gallery can be accessed in-game via “Check Rewards”. It’s annoying scrolling through characters and poses. The bulk of the user-interface can be hidden, but an icon remains even after tapping “hide all”. Hentai Girl Clicker appears to be a conglomeration of premade assets, but at least they look good together. I don’t think I’d trust a donut I found in the wilderness — not sure I’d trust a naked lady either.

I wouldn’t call this game “fun”, but it’s surprisingly competent. I thought I was in for another trash game (let’s just call this game “another man’s treasure”). Hentai Girl Clicker doesn’t offer enough variety to remain fun after the first five minutes. It’s a slow, tedious grind to progress and unlock lewd content. When I realized how slowly I was actually progressing, I immediately quit the game. Normally, I try to beat games before writing about them, but screw this game. It’s a novel game, but once the novelty wears off it’s just tedious. It’d be cool if there were more “power-ups” or interesting animations to see (heck, even just interesting camera angles would be a big improvement). As it stands, I’d positively wait for a sale (and some updates too). Hentai Girl Clicker doesn’t need much to be alright!

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