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Posted: Jul 9, 2020 @ 6:25pm
Updated: Jul 17, 2020 @ 12:00am

At a Glance
(Adult) Content
(F) Nudity.
No. Woot! Woot!
Hours of Gameplay
One hour.
Modding Support?
Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Naughty Memories is a lewd memory game.

A basic memory game with a timer. Each level is a four-by-ten card playing board, which takes a few minutes of spamming "click" to win. You are timed, but each match grants an additional three seconds to the timer. You are rated on a three-star system based on the time it takes to complete each stage.

There is no story. I understand that the Taimanin universe is quite large, but none of it is explained in this game. You'd think that a free-to-play card collecting game would be a perfect opportunity to exposes users to the universe, possibly railing them into other titles. The cards themselves would have been a good way to deliver facts and trivia to new and old fans alike — this game would only appeal to pre-existing fans, and it adds nothing to the universe.

There is no titlescreen, but the user-interface is otherwise serviceable. You may mute/unmute the game at will, but there are no other user-preferences to adjust. Unlocked CGs can be viewed from the stage-select screen, but they cannot be fullscreened.

- The Goods-
You'd think after the wreck that was Borderus, you'd think the Dev team would have learned a thing or two about rendering attractive ladies — they sort of did. Naughty Memories uses 3D models to render static CGs, much like the product of Daz Studio or Poser. The CGs in this game are feature a cast of awkward ladies and grainy messes of backgrounds. The ladies do seem be a little less hopped up on drugs than the last batch, however. That's a plus. Expect female nudity.

I find it difficult to recommend this game. It's a basic, albeit functional memory game. But that's part of the problem; with the CGs and gallery functionality failing to impress, there are little redeeming qualities to this game.

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This fool recommends the gya'est anime perv content. Uber Luzer