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Posted: Aug 2, 2020 @ 12:24am
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At a Glance
(Adult) Content
(F) Nudity.
No. Woot! Woot!
Hours of Gameplay
Six or seven hours.
Modding Support?
Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

World End Echo is a lewd match-three and visual-novel game about a man that must beat a game to save his life.

World End Echo is a linear visual novel with match-three combat. There are no player-choices whatsoever during the visual novel portions. Combat is battled via several rounds of match-three, with every win depriving your opponent another article of clothing. You literally can't lose — anytime you run out of moves, you simply restart the round. The match-three portions become surprisingly difficult as new mechanics are added with each encounter. Matching rows of four or more will grant special pieces — don't forget that by "right-clicking" special pieces, you can change their properties!

To read the full length "Gameplay", check this review out on Wombat Trap (dot-com).

There's this ordinary gamer guy, and he's got his hands on the latest RPG — Oasis. He plants his head inside his shiny new VR headset, only to find out that he has been injected with a deadly, timed poison. He must beat Oasis within an allocated time frame in order to receive the antidote. Between him and the final boss are a string of mighty (womanly) warriors, whom prefer to fight-it-out than to talk-it-out. Will our gamer friend live to see the end of Oasis?

To read the full length "Story", check this review out on Wombat Trap (dot-com).

I was thoroughly impressed by the titlescreen — it looks great! From "Settings" you may adjust audio, display, and language preferences. You can review unlocked CGs from the "Gallery" without any sort of user-interface. The "Controls" selection does not allow you to remap keys. Rather, it shows what keys do what (and frankly, all you need is a mouse to play this game.)

- The Goods-
There are eight static CGs to unlock, each depicting a female character in a provocative position. The artwork is high quality, but something about the style strikes me as amateurish. While male-on-female sexual intercourse is glossed-over in-game, there are no CGs that show sexual content. I would have liked to have seen variations of each CG, perhaps depicting stages of undress or orgasm.

I definitely recommend this game — for the price of two USD, World End Echo is a steal. The story-telling and sexual content leave something to be desired, but the gameplay and interesting setting make up for it. This is a legitimately challenging match-three game featuring a cool story and lots of waifus. The sexual content is sorely lacking, but there is a lot of great nudity to see. Overall, I am impressed by World End Echo, and I hope to see more adult-releases from Graven Visual Novels.

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