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Posted: Jun 19, 2020 @ 9:38am

At a Glance
(Adult) Content
(FxF, FxM) Sexual content.
No. Woot! Woot!
Hours of Gameplay
Thirty minutes.
Modding Support?
Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Summer Flowers is a lewd swippy-swappy puzzle game about Mary and her relationships.

A standard swippy-swappy. Swap tiles into the correct position to complete an image and unlock a story tidbit. There are ten puzzles total.

Mary and Mike are lovers, until Mary decides that she's sexually confused and Mike decides Mary isn't good enough anymore. So the break up, and Mary meets Lilly, whom explores her. . . sexuality. The story is unfolded by a series of panels, sentance by sentance.

The titlescreen is attractive, though it does not lend to adult-content. The "Options" menu houses audio preferences. I would have liked to have seen more settings for display and resolution. From the "Gallery", you may review unlocked CGs. CGs cannot be fullscreened, and user-interface cannot be hidden. The CGs must be viewed with unhideable text.

- The Goods -
There's ten CGs total. Not all of them are the lewd, but the lewd CGs look pretty good. Expect male-on-female and female-on-female sexual content.

Yes I recommend this game, provided it's on the sale. My biggest issues with this title lie in the gallery. There isn't a whole lot of gameplay here, and you'll probably have this game wrapped up in less than an hour. With that in mind, the value of this game lies in the story and visual elements, both of which are underwhelming. Honestly I'm glad to see more furry content on Steam. Whle furries aren't my cup of tea, it's a lacking genre that sorely needs love.

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