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Posted: Mar 13, 2020 @ 1:24am

At a Glance
(Adult) Content
Yes (with patch).
No. Woot! Woot!
Hours of Gameplay
One hour.
Modding Support?
Patch Available?
Yes, download as Steam DLC.

Love Breakout is a lewd game of "break out" with no particular theme (other than naked anime girls).

- Disclaimer -
For the purposes of this review, the adult patch is installed.

This game can be summed up by one word, break out. You have a ball and a paddle, and there's a pile of bricks that need to be broken. By hitting them with the ball, they are destroyed. You must use the paddle to prevent all of your balls from leaving the playing area. Too many lost balls and it's game over. Some bricks will drop power ups. These power-ups grant additional balls, bigger paddles, lives, and even a laser beam (that destroys any brick you point at).

As you destroy bricks, they reveal an image of an anime girl (who becomes more naked with each brick you get rid of).

There's no story, moving on. I'm not gonna try to make one up either.

I found the title menu to be very attractive. The user interface looks great, and the background is high quality. You can adjust basic sound and display settings from the "Setting" option. From "Gallery", you can review (previously solved) images. You can hide most of the user interface by clicking a button (at the top-left side of the screen) when viewing images. But the button sticks around, preventing all of the interface from being hidden.

That's total BS.

- The Goods -
There are up to five variations for each unlockable image, which can be viewed from the Gallery. The artwork is high quality and uncensored. The images themselves are high quality, but unremarkable. Expect basic female nudity.

This is an inexpensive, lewd game of break out with quality artwork and legitimate fun factor. I do recommend this title, if you're lookin' for a quick game of break out featuring nudity.

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