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Posted: Mar 9, 2020 @ 4:39pm
Updated: Mar 9, 2020 @ 5:46pm

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Hentai Nazi HITLER is Back is a third person shooter about a girl and her quest against nazi Hitler's regime.

The goal of the game is to find all of the memes (represented by hidden posters) and to shut off a set of radio towers. Basically, this game is a scavenger hunt where people shoot at you. You have two guns at your disposal, a machine gun and a pistol. You have infinite ammo and your hit points constantly regenerate. However, enemies also constantly spawn, and will (unfairly) spawn behind you. And if you die, you lose all your progress. Woo. . .

Hentai Girl is a Japanese warrior on a mission to slay nazi Hitler (again) and his partners in crime. This isn't any ol' Hitler, it's nazi Hitler. He's a mean bean corona machine! There are three villages which support Hentai Girl's cause, the villages of rock, desert and grass.

I think the developers were smokin' grass if you ask me.

The titlescreen looks stupid. Not. . . in a bad way, but the titlescreen is bad too (in a very bad way). There are no controls to set other than mouse sensitivity. Beyond the menu, the user interface is serviceable. I've seen the in-game assets plenty of times, but they look okay. Nothing I'd expect for a game with "Hentai" in the title, however.

- The Goods -
What's that? You thought there was HENTAI in this game? Haven't you learned by now that ninety-nine percent of Steam games with "HENTAI" in the title have zero hentai in them? Ha! Ha! Ha, fool!

This is memeware, and not of the entertaining variety. I'm sure it's a great piece for a Youtube laugh or somethin', but beyond the "meme value" I strongly suggest you buy something more productive.

Like an energy drink. Do the Dew. (I'm totally not sponsored by Mountain Dew.)

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EinMeister May 9, 2020 @ 12:14pm 
I've been reviewing hentai games for 3 years and I used to write full reviews for bad games, now I just put it shortly as a 200 characters curator review. For me "Meme asset flip, terrible gameplay, looks bad, full of bugs, the developer wouldn't play their own game. 1/2/3 out of 10" is enough, It doesn't take much to tell readers that it just sucks and is not worth their money and mostly time.

I do appreciate that you take your time on such stuff, and I love that most of it is making fun of the terrible spam game, i got a laugh out of it, thank you.
DatWombat May 9, 2020 @ 11:14am 
Yes, I suspect that this is one of many developers on Steam that produce intentionally bad games. Apparently, there's a market for them. Well, I try. I think that people deserve at least one serious review for adult titles, even when they are intended to utterly suck. I've grown weary of the "meme reviews" on these titles.

It might have been funny the first hundred times.
EinMeister May 8, 2020 @ 2:45am 
"Daddy", the developers plan to release more spam, they don't plan to update this one with anything.

Also wow Wombat I'm surprised you do such long reviews on every game, even garbage software like this. You are indeed very dedicated, keep it up!
Vro Apr 12, 2020 @ 2:57pm 
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garden technology Mar 20, 2020 @ 1:19am 
Little Pogchamp Mar 9, 2020 @ 8:13pm 
It's still in early access, I'm sure the developers have a lot planned.