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Posted: Sep 29 @ 9:57am
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At a Glance
(Adult) Content
(FxF, FxM, MxM) Sexual content.
No. Woot! Woot!
Hours of Gameplay
Six or more hours.
Modding Support?
Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Kinky Fight Club is a lewd fighting game about the "Kinky Fight Club", a club about "fighting" where points are based on climaxes.

Make your opponent ♥♥♥ before you in organized sexual sport! The goal of each match is to force your opponent to climax by filling their Ecstasy bar, which is primarily increased by using sex moves. To increase the effectiveness of sex, it's important to raise your opponent's "Arousal" via Foreplay and by removing their clothes. During Foreplay and Sex, both players gain Arousal and Ecsascy; Dominance effects who gains the most, and Dominance alone can easily sway the tide of battle. By grappling your opponent during intercourse, you can turn their sex-attacks against them. If an opponent has you on the ropes, you can attempt to counter or escape their moves, allowing you to enter a more favorable position. All actions cost "Energy", and winning requires careful management of your precious stamina. Should you run dry, you'll helpless to your opponent's advances.

To read the full length "Gameplay", check this review out on Wombat Trap (dot-com).

Miss Muffy is new to Atlantic City, and she is meeting her old pal Matt at the Atlantic Bar. He introduces her to his longtime crush, Marlene. Muff manages to woo Marlene, and she leaves her with an unknown address. A few days later, Muff Diver visits the address, per Marlene’s wishes. What she finds is an extravagant, clearly erotic club with heavy security and lots of moaning. To Muffy’s surprise, she finds Marlene there in a scant bunny outfit.

I already like where this is heading!

To read the full length "Story", check this review out on Wombat Trap (dot-com).

The titlescreen is good enough, it's certainly thematically appropriate. From "Customize", you can not only customize the entire cast, but you can also access the Shop, where you can purchase a number of items (including a Pose and Photo Gallery). Also from "Customize", you can also adjust a wide variety of preferences, including audio, visual, and lots of gameplay settings from the "Visual Features" and "Gameplay" menus. Audio, display and graphical preferences can be adjusted from "Options". The "Tutorial" explains the functionality of the main-menu, but additional tutorials are provided as needed. Finally, you can adjust controls from the "Kind Binds" selection. Overall, I'm impressed by the player-freedom. I am not impressed by the fact many settings much be adjusted by flicking arrows back and forth (instead of say, a drop-down menu.)

And the English, by golly is it awful!

- The Goods-
There are tons sexual positions to see, which serve as the primary means of "fighting" your opponents. Most of the animations focus on foreplay, groping, and domination. There are gay animations available for males and females, which makes for a very gay friendly experience. The animations are okay, but I enjoyed the way they change based on the sexual state of each character involved. There's a few unlockable galleries, but I haven't the patience to sit down for (I dunno) a week to unlock them legitimately. For a game all about climaxes, the climaxes absolutely blow; each character just sort of slows down as one of them sprays piddle for a few seconds. By far, the poor quality models do the adult-content the biggest disservice.

I definitely recommend this game, on account of gameplay and not-so-much lewd content. However, I think it would be wise to wait for a good sale. I didn’t think much of this game at first, but it’s actually an engaging, fast-paced clicker game where sex is literally the name of the game. The character customization and variety of sexual animations was actually pretty awesome, though my biggest issue with the game are below-average visuals. If the characters were say, cute anime girls I think it’d have a lot more appeal to adult-gamers. While Kinky Fight Club was a pleasant surprise, the graphics and grindiness are buzzkill to the asking price; once again, I strangely suggest waiting for that sale.

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Trash game ever
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find god degen
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Why are you asking dumb questions?
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