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Posted: Jan 31, 2020 @ 10:56pm
Updated: Feb 5, 2020 @ 5:47pm

At a Glance
(Adult) Content
No. Unless underwear counts.
Not applicable.
Hours of Gameplay
Probably half-an-hour if you can read the text.
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Patch Required?

HENTAI SEEK is a hidden-object game, where you must escape a room by uncovering secrets.

Disclaimer - As this game is not in English, I cannot provide an accurate translation of its content. I can, however try my best to describe it. As I am not the target audience, my review should be taken with a grain of salt.

You begin the game inside a room, with a variety of buttons, objects and text. Your goal is to escape, but (of course) the way-out is locked. To unlock the door, you have to uncover a variety of clues (in order). There are hidden objects and pathways, and finding them is mostly guesswork. Thankfully, there are some written clues that will steer you in the right direction. I think that describing the secrets in detail would spoil the game, so I will refrain from doing so.

However, I got stuck at (what I presume) to be a secret involving a set of buttons. I probably spent at least an hour trying to figure out what to do. My efforts were in vain. There was one clue I could not understand, and (if I could read Japanese) may have permitted me to complete the game. But alas, I have left my protagonist alone and trapped.

After a trip to the Community Hub, I found out how to solve the button puzzle. And just like that, the game ended. Here's a link to the post if you too find yourself stuck at the button puzzle.


The moment you start a new game, the protagonist finds herself in her underwear, and she hasn't a clue what happened to her clothes. Whatever happened, she's also trapped in a strange room. Your job (as the player) is to guide her out.

That's as much of a story I was able to interpret/translate.

Most of the sprites (if not all) are generic RPG-Maker sprites. They look fine. There character portrait for the protagonist is also decent, though (to my knowledge) is the only image of her. I even poked-about the game-files in search of more content. My searches were fruitless.

A DLC was released, which changes the character portrait to a nude-version.

Again, I don't speak Japanese, so I have a poor interpretation of the game. However, from what I've seen, I'm less-than-impressed by the content this title has to offer. I doubt the replay-value, and if you're looking for hentai (as the game's name suggests), this game does not have you covered. My verdict? I don't recommend.

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