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Posted: Feb 4 @ 9:00am

At a Glance
(Adult) Content
Yes, (F) nudity.
No. Woot! Woot!
Hours of Gameplay
Half-an-hour to one.
Modding Support?
Patch Required?
Yes, download as Steam DLC.

Efflorescence of Lust is an easy jig-saw and clicker game with some dope animated (lewd) content.

There are two modes to this game, "puzzle" and "clicker". In the puzzle mode, you have to assemble a picture with a set of assorted tiles. Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle, minus the jiggly bits. . . or a swippy-swappy minus the swapping. And the swipping. The ladies in the puzzle section are very not-lewd, which is strange for a game called Efflorescence of Lust. You are timed, and your times are recorded. . . but you are not time-constrained.

In the clicker mode, you are shown three items, each with a value. Afterwards, you will be presented with a provocatively-positioned lady. A mess of items will appear and disappear in rapid succession. The goal is the click only the items shown earlier, with higher-value items dealing more "damage" to a clothing meter. As it depletes, the ladies' clothes will beak away, and once it's all-gone you will unlock her gallery scene.

There's no stories or bios. . . moving on.

The interface is pretty, and easy to navigate. You can play and access your hard-earned work from a single screen, instead of using a "gallery" mode. The interface does look a bit amatureish, but it's better than average. The puzzle-ladies look good, but are not lewd or animated. The real meat of this game is the clicker-girls.

They are animated, and animated pretty well. In their gallery, you can dress them in three-ways, make 'em nude, or "poke" them. When you poke them, they will sort-of orgasmically jolt. Nothing special, and nothing overtly sexual. Just sexy. I would have liked to have seen more saucy content, but what is here is very well done.

This is a cheap (2 USD) and somewhat engaging game with an awesome (though small) gallery. I would suggest buying it if you like easy-peezy puzzles, or the sound of the "clicker" mode. In any case, I think this game is worth it for the sweet, sweet animated gallery. Make sure you have the patch!

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