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Posted: Jan 29, 2020 @ 4:20pm
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Dungeon Cards is a minimalistic dungeon-crawler game.

This title is a dungeon-crawler of sorts, a very simple one. Though simple, the game-play is surprisingly engaging, and you'll have to really think about your every move. You can pick one of many (unlockable) heroes, each with their own special abilities. You start with the Knight, who's gimmick is extra-HP. He's the least eventful of the cast, which ranges from vampires to vikings. In addition to a hero, you get to pick three (of twelve unlockable) powers, which are activated as you collect a certain number of Gold and Rubies.

To progress, you want to earn certain high-scores. One nice thing about this game is that even if you fail miserably, you can keep the gold you earned and spend it on upgrades and new heroes. If you reach certain high-scores, you can even unlock sets of cosmetics for your intrepid heroes! How cool is that? Now, let's talk a bit more about the game-play.

The dungeons are just three-by-three in size. There are no walls to walk-about, but the hazards you face will create an incricate (and very deadly) maze. From spike-traps to bombs, there's plenty of things that you'll want to go-around. Many of the enemies have interesting mechanics, such as an ability to heal themselves, others, or even manipute the dungeon lay-out.

You can carry a single weapon (unless you're the "Blacksmith"), which has an expendable damage-value. Every enemy has a set HP, which also acts their own damage value. When you attack an enemy, you use-up your weapon as much as-needed to destroy them. For example, if you have a sword with a value of "5", and you attack an enemy with a value of "3", after destroying them your sword will now have a value of "2".

Items have to be carefully used, especially in certain un-fair situations. You have no inventory (other than your single weapon), so items are used straight-away. As everything is randomly generated, you will find yourself in incredible battles (and outright unfair battles). Once you get the hang of things, you'll feel like a whiz smashing the mouse-button (as if this game was in real-time).

To my knowledge, there isn't any story to this game. You just pick a hero and fight a bunch of generic enemies with generic weapons and armor. I'm sure you might find a sentance or two describing the in-game items and enemies, but that's hardly lore.

This title's sprites are absolutely minimal, but I like them. The colors and animations are delightful, and that's all I have to say about them. There isn't much (if anything) in regards to crazy-pixelated art, but sometimes simple is better. The sprites do exactly what they need to do, and they don't try to be somethng they aren't.

Yes, I do reccommend this game. Even at full price (or 4 USD for me). It's a great game for a late-night time-killer, or a time-killer in generate. There's a lot to keep you hooked, and there's a lot of content. New mechanics keep the game-play fresh, and randomization insures that every game is just a bit-different than the last.

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