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Posted: Feb 8, 2020 @ 12:33am

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Anime Girls Switch Puzzles is a swippy-swappy puzzle game featuring adjustable difficulty.

This plays-out like any other swippy-swappy puzzle. You have an image that has been divided into tiles, which have been scrambled. The goal is to reassemble the image by unscrambling the tiles. Unlike most swippy-swappy games I have played, this one has adjustable difficulty. You can with puzzles as small as four tiles, or ones as vast as one-hundred. This is a great feature, and I think some-form of difficulty slider should be standard for these sorts of games.

For some reason, when you drag-'n-drop the tiles, the mouse cursor "out-runs" the tiles. This forces you to let go of the tile if you try to drag it too-far, forcing you to drag-'n-drop multiple times. It's annoying.

There is no story, moving on.

The user-interface feels very amateurish, but it is easy to navigate. It's nothing special, so let's talk about the images themselves. There are nineteen total, ranging from fully-clothed to lingeried-ladies. A lot of them appear to be sort-of re-skins, the same lady with different hair or clothes. The images are inconsistently sized, which is a big no-no for me. I found the gallery to be very underwhelming.

I don't recommend this game. As cool as adjustable difficulty is, this game strikes me as another cheap swippy-swappy puzzle-game. If you want a good swippy-swappy game, there's bigger bang for your buck out there. Consider Happy Engine. It's a third of the price (for one USD), and you can upload your own images.

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