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Posted: Jan 9, 2020 @ 1:24pm

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No. Thank goodness.
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About twenty minutes.
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Cyber ♥♥♥♥♥ is a cheap, forgiving (and forgettable) shoot-'em-up.

This title is a run-of-mill shoot-'em-up. You play as a single (phallic) ship, and you must defeat hordes of vicious enemies. They will spray projectiles and charge you, and you must weave between their attacks and quickly dispatch them. Sometimes, enemies will drop power-ups. . . but there is no explanation of what they do.

There's no tutorial.

You shoot a constant stream of projectiles. It never changes, and any power-ups you gain don't significantly influence play-style. Most other shoot-'em-ups have this, so why can't I shoot, I dunno two projectiles at once? Anyways, you also have a health bar. You can get hit several times before dieing, and you can collect hearts to restore your health. I didn't die once, even when playing awfully. I'm no good at this genre of game.

The game itself has no exposition. So if you want to know anything about the story, you'll have to hit-up the Store page. Let's have a read!

I haven't a clue what I just read.

Okay, to my understanding, all of the women of the world have been turned into zombies via one or more bionic implants. They are controlled by an artificial intelligence of sorts, and the player is tasked with destroying said intelligence (and freeing every woman from being zombies!)

Why wasn't this put in the game?

I found the visuals to be appealing, for the most part. While every stage is the same, the stage itself looks very pink. . . and squishy. The enemies look mean (in a cute way), and the bosses look quite a bit creepier. I enjoy pixel art, but I found a few things to be jarring. The enemies and background are massively scaled-up (when compared to the player). The player ship looks "high definition", while everyone else looks blockier and less-detailed (as a result of being drawn on a smaller canvas and being scaled up).

If you're looking for cheap, easy, and (artistically) gimmicky shoot-'em-up, then maybe I'd recommend this title. . . when it goes on sale. But for 99% of y'alls, I'd buy something else, like Epido or Star Saviors.
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